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You maybe noticed if you read my articles or follow me that I am a person realy into card reading, astrology, spirits, and everything about esotericism. And what a better tag for me than this one which is about your birth chart ?

So I think the first person to actualy start this tag is @kalv (aka K A Y L A) so I will link her article here and few other that I found.
Also if you want to do this article yourself but you don't know so much about astrology I will link at the end few articles that are perfect for you.

K A Y L A article
Other articles that can inspired you from this trend


- Your individual identity -

The sun sign represents your ego, your individuality, your sens of self, your primary concerns, your goals. You can see it in your life balance, your instincts, what drives you and your ambitions.

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Earth fixed and feminine sign ruled by venus and saturne (since I'm from the last decan)
Generous and loyal af but also verrry stubborn (the most stubborn sign) and lazy. Calm and patient, but hate change, sensual and realistic. Indoor, chill and foodie type of person.
(Also usualy describe as luxurious, materialistic person who like perfume and to take care of their appareance. And shooping addict)


- Your inner-self, emotions and subconscious -

The moon sign represents your emotional world, your self-care. It rules your mood, emotions, instinct and subconscious. It's you but when nobody look and in your head.
You can see it in your private thoughts, your vulnerable moments and your reaction to the world.

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Fire, cardinal, masculin sign ruled by mars
Very independent person who tend to not express their emotions in a normal genuine way because of fear to be weak or to be rejected. Intenses and bright emotions that make a dynamic but competitive and reactionary person. Emotion so intenses that it's consuming you fully but thanksfully go away quicly. Especialy anger in my case.


- Your first impression and the way other see you -

Your rising sign represents your perspective, your decisions. It's the way people see you, your fist impression towards other, what you present to other by your conscious actions your style and your behaviour.
You can see it in your style, your embellishments, the way you speak, how you act when you are aware there is people around, your daily choices.

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Fire, fixed, masculin sign ruled by the sun.
Charismatic person which appears as a charming and confident person. Known to be dramatic and have a tendance to exaggerate. Also come as a noble, honest, caring and generous.
You tend to be influential, creative, but also can come as insensitive and perdormative.


- Your communication, learning and intereaction -

Your mercury sign represents your mind, your speech, your communication style. How you express yourself, analyse and absorb information, how you learn (it's the mind planet).
You can see it in your texting speed, your notifications, your problem solving, your interecation with others.

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Earth fixed and feminine sign ruled by venus and saturne (since I'm from the last decan)
Methodical would be the best way to describe it. It's a constructive and practical way of thinking, analyzing the environment is natural and important for you, and the mind of a taurus mercury is able to give precise judgments, evaluate feelings. And that's probably why you coma out as unsympathetic sometimes (and also maybe because how unbending and determined you are).
But don't worry since you analyze and understang feelings so weel you can also come out as very pleasant just depend of the situation. Taurus mercury is also know to have a great appreciation for the arts and music.


- How and what you like -

Your venus sign represents your values and your desires. More especially how you express affection and what does attract you. Represents also everything which is concerned with love, seduction, beauty, material goods and the arts. How you view the idea/ concept on relationships.
You can see it in your crushes, your bank account, your shopping list

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Air mutable masculin sign ruled by mercury (make it close from her domicil in libra).
So, gemini venus is a verry intellectual venus. It's all about the mind, the intellect way more than look sensuality sensibility or whatever.
This venus is very flirty and playful enjoy to tease the ones she/he loves, it's a very charming venus who is also adaptable.
Unfocused and bored, gemini venus is curious and realy need stimulation and new things, this venus get tired/bored very quicly and she/he is hard to follow for the entourage since he/she changes her/his mind and feelings pretty often and that's also why it's so difficult for a gemini venus to be into commitment. But thanks to that curious nature, gemini venus has no problem to get to know the peple he/she's intrested in completely.
Artistically this venus realy like litteratue, journalism, radio theater, everything which stimulate the intellect basicly.


- Desire, action, determination and aggression -

Your mars sign represents your determination and your passion. It's the planet of desire and aggression. It influence how you take action, our drive, your ambitiousness, your passion, combat style and determination.
You can see it in your drive your scorecard, your hormones, your ambitions, physical energy, combativeness, spirit of enterprise and courage.
Your Mars and Sun sign mixed make up a more in-depth characterization of your personality.

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Earth fixed and feminine sign ruled by venus and saturne (since I'm from the last decan) and mars here in exil here.
Taurus mars anger is slow and it takes a lot to make us very upset but once we're mad boy, we tell the harsh truth with brutality and no compassion. We don't like being angry but once we did we have no trouble moving on after regardless of how other's are affected by it. You can be resentful easily because of how much you wait and wait to not get upset, pilling up very anoyng things.
Mars in taurus give you an amazing determination. Also a huge part of mars energy is about possession, and oh boy taurus mars is soooo possessive, with things and people.
Not to mention that taurus mars energy kind of froze you, make you almost unmoveable (is that a world ?) with a huge resistance but also realy difficult to go for change.
Also taurus mars put it just under venus influence making us very sensual and physical.


- Good fortune, moral and values -

Your jupiter sign represents your optimistic outlook, your vices, growth, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, generosity and higher conscious, luck, idealism, higher education expansion. It's one out of the social planets alongside being very philosophical.
You can see of your Jupiter sign as an expression of how you relate and understand the social world and intellectual beliefs, along with expressing your morals and values.
You can see it in your lucky charms, your wild side, your sens of humor.

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Earth, cardinal, feminine sign, ruled by saturne.
Capricorn in jupiter makes you stable and mature, patient diplomatic, enduring and somehow optimistic because you know what you are fighting for.
But be carefull you also tend to be describe as selfish and demanding, frugal and even sometimes greedy and corrupt (oupsie)


- Self control, boundarries, fear and responsabilities -

Your saturn sign represents your discipline and your well-being, limitation, restrictions, prudence, organization, endurance, and discipline.
Saturn influences limits, boundaries, fears, self-discipline and responsibility. It tells where one must deal with fears and where their is ambition.

This sign has a way of bringing meaning into our lives. Saturn makes us mindful of the need for self-control and of boundaries and our limits. The planet is often linked to our fathers or father/authority figures
You can see it in your routine, your better sense, your 5 years plan.

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Fire, cardinal, masculin sign ruled by mars.
Saturn in aries means that you can be intensely provocative one moment and fearful of showing yourself the next. This gives you great presence, but also means that you have insecurities to overcome.
Saturn asks you to stand confident in your own skin, even though you may be fearful and are afraid of taking big risks. This takes time (sometimes a lifetime) and lessons of self-acceptance. You realize that you need to build your confidence.
Although, your biggest hurdle is your fear of failure and rejection.
"Individuals can lack self esteem and confidence and for this may be anxious and/or anti-social. They must learn how to speak up for themselves and accept themselves for who they are."


- Freedom, rebellion, independence and originality -

Your Uranus sign represents originality, independence, spirit of rebellion, inventiveness, insight, and all that is not foreseen.
The planet influences rebellion, progress, innovation, chaos, change and individuality.

It showcases as how we as humans show independence, versatility and originality. As a result, Uranus promotes eccentricity, perversion and rebellion. In theory Uranus demands freedom from us.

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Air, fixed, masculine sign ruled by Uranus (yeaaah!)
Uranus in Aquarius is in its own sign and it creates inventors and people who like to apply new, untested methods and procedures. They like to fight for moral values and they love freedom. They do not let their emotions and feelings to restrict them. They are open-minded and open to radical reforms. Aquarius is known for its humanity, and Uranus further strengthens these tendencies.


- Spirituality, illusion and desulision -

Your neptune sign represents spirituality, dreams, psychic abilities, intuition, disintegration, compassion, self-sacrifice, deceit, and illusion.
Neptune rules delusion, illusion, unreality, imagination, confusion, dreams and healing.
This planet gives us super sensory, it has the ability to open doors to mystical experience alongside the transcendental higher octave. As a consequence it is hard to it is hard to determine where perception moves into deception, illusion and false appearances.

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Earth, cardinal, feminine sign, ruled by saturne.
Neptune in Capricorn gives people determination and the ability to concentrate. However, it can ruin their typical Capricorn rationality. This position somewhat shatters their natural desire for perfection, but it gives people desire to achieve spiritual goals.


- Power, end and renewal -

Your pluto sign represents elimination, destruction, regeneration, renewal and transformation.
This sign has the ability to influence control, obsession, death of old, rebirth, power and transformation.
Pluto portrays how we deal with power, personal and non-personal, it can be through suffering the power of others or exercising it personally. It demonstrates how we meet the demonic and magical. In theory it's all about the cycles of dying and becoming.

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Fire, mutable, maculin sign ruled by jupiter.
People with Pluto in Sagittarius are understanding and philosophical. Personal transformation can occur especially through philosophical searching. Pluto in this position strengthens their innate (not learnt) religious consciousness and feeling. We can expect them to create a new spiritual or mystical direction, and attempts to merge existing religions and churches. They are understanding of other cultures, beliefs and values. They crave knowledge, learning and experience and want to live life at its fullest. They are interested in politics, religion/spirituality, languages, and cultures.

Here a few articles to help you in case you want to do the same :