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If we are looking for a woman who shouts empowerment wherever they saw her, we can quote Elizabeth I of England, known as Gloriana.
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Credit of a significant time in history and a decisive period in the English monarchy. A brilliant, calculating and perceptive mind.
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With an unparalleled vision and a very clear objective, take her kingdom to a new era where, not even your heart; It was an impediment to cloud the path to the mind.
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Remembered as the virgin queen, sacred and worried about her people. Desiring the unique and absolute power. I had reason to desire nothing more than to fulfill the duty and this is a duty that I must fulfill.
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For Isabel I, being queen and wearing a crown was something more glorious for those who contemplate it than pleasant for those who hold you.
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There would never be a Queen sitting in her place with more zeal for her nation, more worried about her subjects and that sooner and more willingly she would risk her life for well-being and security than for herself.
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Being a clear example of what a woman should take into account today, a partner is not necessary to go after your dreams, it is not necessary for someone to overshadow your place because, very well the Good Queen Bess said it when ascending to the throne :
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"I know that I own a weak and fragile woman's body, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, even more so, of a king of England."