Hello Hearters
The 100 is one of my favourite series and sometimes I would like to disappear into this world as well, because it always has new surprises in store. Even if these are sometimes more or less pleasant.

But let's get started anyway.

Hortensia, but her friends call her Sia or Ten
{from the Latin: the one who loves the garden}

Sia has brown blond hair, which harmonizes well with her blue eyes and the small narrow nose. It is not the largest, but nevertheless suitably muscular.

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Sarcastic, Independent, introverted, Rather lonely, loyal, chaotic, serious, curious, aggressive, passionate, rebellious

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Her parents died in the crash of the second ship after volunteering as soldiers. Sia doesn't have any siblings.

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Clarke Griffin, Bellamy and Octavia Blake, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, Jasper Jordan, etc...

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Love's interest

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When she came to Earth with Abby, Ten had a great aversion to Murphy, because she believed that he had received and deserved his just punishment. But when he saved her life, it changed quickly.
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But when he disappears from her life without a trace, she can only slowly forget her broken heart, which is why she withdraws into nature, where she takes care of herself and somehow survives. However, she always keeps in touch with the others.

Hortensia is a man who comes from outer space.
She gets along well with the Grounder, because they leave each other alone.

Battle Type
When Ten is forced to fight, she does it quietly and secretly. It is amazingly fast and can hide well thanks to its size.
Sia fights with axes and her close combat skills.

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Back Story
At the age of six Abby treated Sia for the first time because of a broken nose. From then on, she spent most of her time in the infirmary and helped out there before she could begin her education.
That her parents were sent on the mission to Earth, she only learned when it had already been too late and the ship had hit Earth and exploded.
Together with Abby, she was sent to Earth.

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The Story of Now
At regular intervals Hortensia returns to the others and helps where she can, with the knowledge that she has of the Grounder.
However, at some point Ten decides to go back to the others, as it becomes more and more difficult for a single person to survive.
And with the knowledge that John Murphy is fine, she can live a calm life. Because his death would have taken away all Sia's feelings.

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And that brings us to the end. I hope you like this article.