hehe :)

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I´m not in high school anymore

But now, I´m here to help. :)

Before we start here´s a little about me:
- never been good in school until I graduated,
- never though about what to do with my life until i realized I am going to graduate
- that´s why I had a minor depression/crisis
- first un- and then intenionally failed all my classes :)
- figured it out what I want (sound really easy, but isn´t)
- took classes again
- learned how to lean and how to school
Finally: graduated with an A- instead of a C

Not gona lie, I´m pretty proud of myself

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First things first:
Whatever you need for school or whateveror buy, buy a nice fancy version of it, so you´ll enjoy at least your essencials and actually use them (also because you spend money on them)
also, good quality over quantitiy

1. Backpack, obvously

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i know, basic, but they are beautiful

2. Pencil case

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smol tipp: I used to have an extra case/make up bag for essentials like hand lotion, deo, o.bs...) but that takes up space, so put all those things in the front pocket of your backpack

Things in that pocket:
- keys
- deo
- chapstick
- hand lotion
- o.bs
- hair tie

3. Organisation:
- calender (Moleskine/Leuchtturm)


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-highlighters (mildliners are pretty, stabilo is good, too)
-and all the other shit you need from time to time (binders, cards...)

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And now to the routine and the whole point of this article:
- wake up
- shower, skin care.. all that shit

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Here some tips/ideas:
- pee in the shower,when you shower, save water (sound weird, but there´s acctually an article about how much water that would save)
- drink 1/2L water when you wake up

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I did that because 1, it´s healthy, 2. I always forgot to take water with me to school, and when I did I was so used to not having water with me, that I never drank it anyway

I also never ate breakfast:
- your body isn´t acctually ready for food until like 10am (don´t ask for sources)
- also normally you´re not hungry early in the morning
- when I ate breakfast, I got hungry befor lunch time

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brunch on the weekend however makes sense

Depending on the day:
- if I had a test/ presentation I rehearsed/ repeated the materials before school
- ( I prepeared the day before, for each subject I have the next day )

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Random things:
- never take yor phone to school/ keep it turned off from 7:45 am to 1pm
- have a study partner/ help friend in some subjects, helps yourself learning too

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How i studied:
-write a big summary of all the things i have to learn (it has to be complete, if time even a little too much)
- revise depending on the time left as much as possible
example: 2 days (after finishing summary)
1st day: 3 or 4 times
2nd day: 4 or 5 times
test day: twice in the morning

- revise ALWAYS before sleeping and in the morning

I hope this random information was helpful, on a last note: sleep tight, go to bead in time, wake up in time, do your best, and my final tip:

Don´t make big plans about how you do this and this and this and this, and precook your meals and blaaaaah, because you won´t keep up with that plan
Intsead: start with the most basic easy routine, once your good with that add to your routine, maybe you will do that unintentionally anyway :)