hiiii ! heres just a short list of my bias's + my fav soloists

first, we’ll start with my ult groups.

LOONA - heejin / yves. my girls!! i’m also on the verge of biasing jinsoul lmaooo ! my bias wrecker is chuu... cos shes so cute ! loona was the first girl group / first kpop group in general that i got into so they mean a lot to me ! ive been stanning loona and biasing heejin since may 28th, 2018 !! my baby . i recently biased yves, and im almost biasing jinsoul thanks to an account on twitter called “jinsoul doing things” :) shes so cute.

TWICE - jeongyeon. twice was the group i stanned after loona! i dont remember the exact date but the day their cover of ‘i want you back’ dropped was the day i biased jeongyeon with her blue hair. i saw her and fell instantly in love w her. shes so beautiful. my bias wreckers are mina and nayeon :)

OH MY GIRL - mimi. mimi rap god mimi rap devil. shes a LEGENDDDDDD! i love her so much . i found omg in a ‘daily mix’ playlist spotify made me that was based purely on kpop. their song ‘knock knock’ was there and when i listened i literally couldnt stop. i love it so much!!!!!! my bias wrecker is yooa. shes adorable

ITZY - ryujin. ive been stanning them since they debuted!!! i love them so much. theyre so talented. itzy roty!!!! dalla dalla was def one of the best debut songs of 2018. suchhhhh a serve!!! when i saw ryujin dancing on top of those cars was when i decided to bias her. my bias wrecker is yuna ugh i love her

MAMAMOO - solar. i am OBSESSED with mamamoo. i dont remember how i picked solar as my bias, i guess i just instantly fell for her hehe . shes just so funny and so cute and those VOCALLSSS OMG!! my bias wrecker is moonbyul. aka my boyfriend

now onto groups i stan but dont ult

BLACKPINK - rosé. blackpink was one of the earliest ggs ive stanned. days apart from loona. theyre so talented!! rosé is GORGEOUS and so r the other members. i biased rosé from the boombayah video when she slid under the members lol i thought that was the best thing ever. shes truly an icon. my bias wrecker is jisoo bc why not? shes amazing

BTS - yoongi. i love bts. most people do. theyre all super attractive and super talented. i dont remember why i biased yoongi but obviously it was a good thing. i am in loooove w him. hes truly one of a kind. my bias wrecker is jungkook.

NCT - mark. nct is amazing. it was SO HARD to pick a bias. but markie was just so cute i couldnt resist uwu! hes adorable . i find their concept so interesting too. and they have a song literally for everyone!! im obsessed .

EXID - hyerin. exid is the most recent group i got into, thanks to my brother lol. i am OBSESSED. they r sooo talented. once i heard their song ' i love you ' i knew i loved them. lol.

now my fav soloists.

tiffany young. her music leaves me SPEECHLESS. i am obsessed. and if u ask me, her song peppermint is incredibly underrated. its fire. i love it. i love u so much tiffany young. one of my fav soloists of all time.

seohyun. my friend nicki got me into her, shes so GREAT. she doesnt have a single song i wanna skip. cant say that for a lot of artists. i love her

hyuna. what kinda person doesnt like hyuna?? i love her sooo much. she’s absolutely stunning. her music is amazing. i cant wait for new music (hopefully) soon.

sunmi. LGBT QUEEN SISJKSJDJD i love herrr shes amazing. i hope to see her live one day. truly one of the best soloists of this generation. one of my all time favs too. love her sm