Hello, everyone! I'm back with a new article after quite a long time!
I'm slowly starting my Back To School series, for which I've planned a few interesting articles you might like!


water bottle
water, aesthetic, and bottle image luxury and mac image
You can even invest in a reusable bottle in order to save the planet! :)
charger, aesthetic, and edit image aesthetic, charger, and decor image
pencil case
pen, pencil, and pink image pen, school, and pencil image
small notepad
art, diary, and notebook image diary, sketchbook, and БЛОКНОТ image
Something to write down ideas or notes from your teachers!
phone / laptop
Image by ⓣⓞⓑⓘⓘⓘ yellow, iphone, and nails image
aesthetic, black, and black and white image earphones, iphone, and phone image
emergency kit
days, of, and pads image Image removed
Better to be prepared
bubble gum, candy, and lollypop image wallpaper, bubbles, and cartoon image
pills, heart, and drugs image pills and words image
Having some pills that you know help you when you're feeling ill is a bonus!
tissues & hand sanitizer
girly, cute, and hand sanitizer image marble, pictures, and tumblr image
small deodorant
Image removed Image removed
money (not too much)
fashion, gucci, and chanel image money, theme, and aesthetic image
a snack
pocky, rilakkuma, and food image food, comida, and japanese candy image

That is all for now!

Have a gorgeous day!

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