Previously, I wrote an article about how to use an internship journal and all that fun journaling stuff!

Today, I decided to share with the weheartit-community what my day as an administrative assistant looks like. So buckle up, and let's take a look, shall we?

7.02 Wake up

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I always like to wake up at odd hours just because. Most of the time though, it takes me a while for actually getting up and getting ready.

8.13 Commute

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During my morning commute I'd love to read a book or read the newspaper but in reality I just stare out of the window, listening to the same three songs for 40 minutes.

9.00 Enters the building

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Every morning I start by getting myself a big glass of water before heading straight into my e-mails. After that I see where I can be of any help to my colleagues and take care of the news articles, the complaints and a couple of reports.

12.30 Lunch

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Every day I need to get out of the building just to get a fresh breath of air. So when it's lunchtime, I either eat at a local café, meet up with a friend or head to the park.

13.00 Work modus

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I just continue to work on whatever task I'm given which mostly contains the complaints procedure, since that is the department I'm mostly involved with. I'm currently working on two solo projects which include a geographic analysis and something concerning time-management.

17.13 Home commute

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Again, I'd love to be one of those people who reads books during their train ride, but instead I'm one of those who numbly gaze out of their window, watching the world blurr around as the same songs as in the morning blast through my earpods.
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