i got this tag from polyvore and posted an article about it on whi 2 years ago, but i wanted to do an up to date version haha ★

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1. which accounts on weheartit are your favourites?

baby boy, edit, and icon image aesthetic, cyber, and edit image
✰ no. 1 edit creds to @wuvshot and no. 2 edit creds to @edits_straykids

2. where are you from?

architecture, arquitectura, and building image english, nottingham, and uk image
nottingham, uk!

3. personal style?

fashion, inspiration, and mode image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, style, and aesthetic image sweater image
✰ no. 4 creds to fashioninflux on ig ✰
i like most styles tbh!! i just don't wear really emo/goth style clothing or really lolita/kawaii clothing.

4. age?

girl, birthday, and gucci image aesthetic, sky, and sunset image

5. style inspirations?

Image by enola 💕 Image by enola 💕
i don't really look at other people for style inspo. i do look at photos of clothing and outfits though, so i can get an idea or look for something that i would like to buy! i follow some style influencers on insta, such as; yuri and mai :)

6. single or taken?

boy, ulzzang, and asian image ulzzang couple image
single :((

7. hair colour?

fashion, girl, and outfit image Image by L I V
strawberry blonde 🍓

8. eye colour?

makeup, eyes, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and glitter image

9. birthday?

february, plans, and purple image february, flowers, and planner image
16th february~

10. favourite season?

beach, colorful, and magical image Image by ✖️n a d i a ✖️

11. favourite time of the day?

aesthetic, blue, and clouds image skz and hyunjin image
evening. i love sleep! and i love dreaming about stray kids, especially hyunjin ♡

12. do you believe in love at first sight?

hyunjin and stray kids image hyunjin, stray kids, and kpop image
yes, have you seen hyunjin!~♡

13. last person you took a picture of?

Image removed
it's not a photo of their faces, but it was at the stray kids concert! i met these 2 girls in the queue called jess and lucy. and we stayed together all day. before the concert started we took a photo of all our wristbands ♡

14. television or internet?

Image by {V} flowers, pink, and computer image
definitely internet. i rarely watch tv and most of the time if i watch something that's on the tv or has been on, i watch it on my laptop or phone anyway.

15. tea or coffee?

book, tea, and rain image aesthetic, beautiful, and coffee image
✰ no. 1 creds to A Hygge-ish Life on fb ✰
i don't drink either. but i drink coffee very occasionally haha.

16. last thing you ate?

Image by 🅔🅛🅔🅝🅐.🅝 Image by نــاز❤️
nutella toast!!

17. favourite bands/singers?

felix, skz, and hyunjin image jin, v, and rm image nct, nct 127, and nct dream image kpop, lee, and shin image
my top 4 are;
stray kids
nct & wayv {all units}
monsta x ♡

18. favourite tv shows?

dustin, eleven, and hopper image couple, Korean Drama, and romance image Image by enola 💕 bbc, black, and black and white image
my top 4 are;
stranger things
w two worlds
line of duty

19. favourite food?

food, burger, and bacon image food image
✰ no. 2 creds to spotspotburger on ig ✰
bacon cheeseburgers!!

20. favourite drinks?

aesthetic, anime, and archive image drink, food, and summer image
✰ no. 1 creds to @soulreapers
soda and juice.

21. if you could have anything in the world, what would you choose?

money, pink, and grunge image animals, green, and nature image
✰ no. 2 creds to wwf ✰
money. but not for me. i'd give my mum some to help her out and so she could buy a house at the seaside, give my brothers some to help them out, and donate a lot to help charities like the wwf and the rspca ♡

22. favourite phone apps?

boy, ulzzang, and asian image korean image sad, sky, and rain image Image removed
my top 4 are;
apple music

23. favourite stores?

Image by enola 💕 Image by enola 💕 Image by enola 💕 Image by enola 💕
my top 4 are;

24. favourite movie?

Image removed Image removed
bts world tour: love yourself in seoul ♡

25. who do you tag to do this?

building, city, and aesthetic image dog, cute, and animal image
✰ no. 1 creds to @blondewarrior
whoever wants to haha :))
Image by Ashi
✰ creds to @xxASHIxx

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