i found out about call me by your name a while ago when i had watched lady bird. i wanted to watch timothee chalamet in other films. when i had found out about call me by your name, i couldn't find it anywhere to watch. i ended up giving up. then i stopped at a barnes&nobles and saw the novel sitting on the stand. i immediately grabbed it. i read the book in a span of 3 days. i had read about 76 pages the first day, 72 the second, then 106 the third day. any moment i had i read this book. part of me wishes i didn't speed through the book. i sped through it because i wanted to watch the movie so bad. i also finally found somewhere to watch it. how lucky was i. i cried while reading the book, esspecially the ending. i've never cried oover book, but i cried over this one. i immediately watched the movie after. i cried for such a long time when i finshed. not only because of the story itself, but because it was over. i watched this movie 4 days ago, now i don't know what to do. this movie&book has taken such an emotional toll on me. when i first listened to the soundtrack i began immediately crying so much. i don't if this will just be a phase or if i will forever feel this way. i hope i forever love cmbyn but i just hope i don't vry every time i think about it.