It's been a long time since I've been on We Heart It.
I've missed this site and all its inspiration.

I was thinking about something lately.
We always make bucket lists for things we have always wanted to do but why don't we make lists for those things we have already done?

Starting a "reverse bucket list" can really boost your confidence and inspire you to do more and be more productive.

Here is my reverse bucket list so far:

1) Go on holiday alone (Denmark).

2) Graduate with a first class honours degree.

3) Work part-time alongside my degree.

4) Gain work experience alongside my degree.

5) Look after my physical health more consistently.

6) Visit France.

7) Visit Rome.

8) Visit Dubai.

9) Visit Granada, Spain.

10) Visit London.

Hopefully there will be more to add to my list and I'm excited to add more things.
Looking back on these things, I realise it took me years and years to do some of them. It makes me realise I need to be a lot more patient when pursuing other goals in future.

Why not try it out yourself? List what you are grateful for having and achieving in your life. You can do it for one day as simply a gratitude list or you can do one and add to it throughout your whole life.