Day 19: Discuss your first love

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When I was around 12 or 13 years old, I met a guy that I ended up having a crush on for like 3 years. I don't have a crush on him anymore but still when I see him, I can feel everything that I've been through when I had a crush on him. Luckily, I am now a university student so I don't have to see him ever again (we went to the same junior and senior and highschool together). Although we follow each other through instagram but that's it, we never meet each other again.

Here goes the weird part, I'm not sure if he is really my first love because we never really talk. We just sort of looking at each other and me trying so hard to tell him that I like him through those eye contacts that we had. We never hangout and we never even been into the same class, in other words, we never been a classmate. Still, I liked him so much.

I used to think that he is my first love, because I can't seem to get rid of him from my mind. Like I mentioned before, even when I stopped liking him, I can still feel everything when I see him again.

Everything changed ever since I met my boyfriend and actually having a serious relationship. My boyfriend is different that this crush I used to like. My boyfriend never once have a relationship before he met me. So I am his first girlfriend. The way he treats me is just so....amazing, i never thought that someone would treat me like my boyfriend does. And that's when I keep thinking that all this time, I haven't met my first love until I met my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is my first love. He loves me more than I love him, although I sometimes don't believe it but it is true. Whenever I get mad at him, he never gives up on me and always try to calm me down and find the solution together. He never once trying to leave me, even when I show him the worst of me. He stays.

"So this is what first love feels like" I said to myself. He's the one that make me want to grow, be a better version of myself. And we're actually growing together, trying to be the best version of ourselves.

He's there when I need him. He's there to take care of me. I love him so much because he shows me what I'm capable of, he makes me feel loved. And I've never felt loved before until I met him.

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