Day 18: Post thirty facts about yourself

1. my name is diana (duh)
2. i'm gonna be 20 years old this december
3. i'm going to be on my third year of university
4. i'm a communication student
5. i'm studying abroad to netherlands right now
6. i have one sister and one brother
7. i have two dogs to complete my family
8. i don't really like socializing with people that i meet for the first time but when i get to know them better, i act like a crazy person
9. my dream is to become a fashion journalist
10. i want to work in fashion or beauty company
11. i love listening to music, i can't live without it
12. i get annoyed so easily
13. i love pink pastel
14. i love shopping
15. i love eating, which is why food is my weakness because i always over eating
16. i hate vegetables
17. i can sing
18. i can play piano
19. i used to take dance classes as well
20. however i stopped everything now and just do those three (sing, piano, dance) as a hobby
21. i don't like being controlled
22. i have a boyfriend
23. i have 7 best friends
24. i speak indonesian and english and a little bit of dutch
25. i used to be a die hard fan for justin bieber
26. i've been to a concert four times and none of it is justin's concert
27. i can't stand of being watched too long, i get so uncomfortable, i just don't like the attention
28. i am socially awkward
29. moody af
30. i can't stop talking when i'm with my friends or people that I love

so those are 30 facts about me. sorry if it's boring. it is a pretty weird facts tho but i just wrote what comes into my mind.

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