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From the back of the car I saw
Wild horses running freely
To the wide liberty
Ahead of them, fearless

No rising sun or dawn
Could scare them away
In fact, not even mountains
In the distance, had that power

It’s oddly empowering
To watch wild animals be
Free from cages and chains
Any social construct

When humans don’t rip them off of nature
To trap them in a cage
For entertainment, to please their eyes
And maybe feel a bit less defenseless

Why aren’t we like wild horses?
Humans are animals, if not savages
Wild in their inner bones
Children of Nature

But we make a point of honor
To trap everyone into cages
Impossible to escape from
Especially ourselves

While we could simply be
Free as wild horses

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Here is a poem about freedom. Freedom for animals to live, protected and respected, in their natural habitats and not as entertainment in a zoo or a park.
But also freedom for us, as individuals. Everyone can often feel trapped by society's ideals, like they don't fit in, they don't belong. And society makes you feel abnormal or even ashamed about you not entering the box made by years of social constructs. But, it's not because the norms do not accept it yet that it's necessarily wrong or that you're abnormal. No one should hide just to please others. Everyone should have the right to express who they truly are. End of the vent.