- Maeve Wiley (Sex education)

edgy, gif, and tv series image
inspiration, short hair, and pink hair image Abusive image aesthetic, kiss me, and lips image book, bookworm, and girl image

- Blaine Anderson (Glee)

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aesthetic and music image Temporarily removed piano, aesthetic, and hands image blazer, fashion, and formal image

- Max Mayfield (Stranger things)

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Image by iwasalilac_sky Temporarily removed aesthetic, vintage, and nike image 80s, chocolate, and dessert image

- Phoebe Buffay (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

cool and phoebe image
Image by ioana guitar, Pink Floyd, and river image friends, central perk, and coffee image Temporarily removed

- Alex Standall (13 reasons why)

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hair, boy, and white image 13 reasons why, miles heizer, and alisha boe image Abusive image Image by Annie ))

- Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

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lacrosse image Temporarily removed veins, hand, and grunge image Temporarily removed

- Killian Jones (Once upon a time)

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sea, ship, and ocean image flower, pretty, and boy image aesthetic, jack sparrow, and pirates of the caribbean image hook, once upon a time, and captain hook image

-Mickey Milkovich (Shameless)

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Temporarily removed 18, birthday, and cool kids image cigar, mouth, and pale image Abusive image