Hi people !

This is the end of the summer and here we go again with another school year ! The outfit we choose is important , so i'm here to give you some ideas and what i'm about to wear .

Ok , so my high school is a little bit strict with students outfit , like we can't wear ripped jeans or very short skirt and dresses but we can still be a snack when choosing the right outfit (:


fashion, style, and grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and backpack image
A rock band t-shirt and a boyfriend jean with vans slip-over shoes


fashion, clothes, and outfit image Temporarily removed
Layered jean , white simple t-shirt and red converse


fashion, yellow, and outfit image nike, white, and sneakers image
A whole black outfit with a colored jacket and white air one


fashion, style, and aesthetic image AF1, air force, and air force one image
Overalls with black t-shirt and white shoes


outfit, fashion, and aesthetic image sunflower, flowers, and aesthetic image
What about a grunge outfit !


I don't wear a lot of them , because i'm too lazy in the morning to remember these little thing !

earrings, fashion, and accessories image fashion, style, and hair image accessories, earrings, and fashion image fashion, jeans, and belt image
Belt , earrings ...

Enjoy !