Dear you,
today I'm leaving to the seaside with my my family yay!
Here are some goals I'd like to accomplish before coming home on the 29th :)

Let's go!

1- Run

last year I discovered the beauty of running at the seaside with the sea next to you, this year I wanna go running (1km) everytime I'm going to the beach :)

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2- Be Useful

going on holiday with your family could mean that mum and dad will keep doing all the house chores (we're staying in a house), this year I want to be useful helping them with the simple things as making the beds and preparing the breakfast

girl, cook, and cooking image girl, breakfast, and cooking image

3- Smile

there are so many people around you: do a favour to everyone: smile more! Smile, smile to your parents, to the bathers, to strangers

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4- Live

I wanna live every single moment, I know that when school starts I will look back and miss these days as hell, so live the most of every moment

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5- Read

I brought with me about 6 books, I wanna come home with nothing left :))

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6- Shootings

my sister has a good camera so I want to take lots of photos (of myself eheh) to post on the ig, I can't wait to shoot!

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These are my goals, if you have some funny activities to do when you're at the beach just let me know thanks!


in case you were interested ;)