We all know that school in this century can make us depressed, sad, angry and stressed. To go trough all this you need an attitude, and I swear things will get better.

There are some points you should check to make not only your school experience, but even your lifestyle better and more enjoyable.

a positive attitude

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Let's start with the basic stuff. If you don't have that attitude, nothing will work. You need to believe in yourself, no excuses. You're still young, and you have the whole life in front of you. Everything will be fine. Change what you can and accept what you can't. Life is beautiful.

eat healthy

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This might sound stupid, but I assure you it's not. You are what you eat, remember? Eat fruit, veggies, fish, seafood, balance carbs and proteins. Look on the internet for some diets that could suit you, try to cut some dairy off your meals. If you drink enough water and eat healthily, your body and mind will cleanse themselves.This boosts your mood and makes you more productuve. I'm 100% sure that out there is some healthy meal you would kill for.

dress and do makeup the way you want

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Being confident will boost your productivity. So go for that outfit and makeup look you want. And I'll tell you a million times: do not be afraid of other's opinion. You are you, and trust me not the ones you think that will judge you, will actually do. High school flashes in front of your eyes, so don't waste any time.

cut off social media and go to sleep

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Most of teenagers these days are addicted to their phone, and I could say i'm too. But what you need to realize is that sleep is so important for you, especially if you have school the next morning. Your work will just result better so put your phone down and sleep.

take care of yourself and practice sports

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Practicing workout is selfcare. Try not to be lazy and do some activity, this will benefit you a lot. You will feel more productive. And don't forget that treating yourself from the hard work it's okay, but don't exaggerate.

cut off toxic people

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Those people that make you feel sad, angry and useless are not worth it. Surround yourself with those who make you feel the exact opposite. Cut off the small group of friends that doesn't make you feel good and look for new friends in a bigger one. Just be happy. It's not worth it to feel down for those people, i'm talking from my own experience.

study now, it's worth it

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And we are at the end, where all of the things listed above will bring you to do better this one. The hard truth is that you succeed only with hard work and sacrifice. If you study now, you'll do what you love later. I promise it's worth it all of the effort you put in. Let the un-success to others