H I, everyone! Today's article is a collab with the talented Maya, @nothinglefttobelievein. In this collab, we will discuss 20 small ways to save the earth. In this article, you can find 10 tips – check out her article for 10 more, which I've linked down below, along with her profile and articles collection.

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I think that everybody knows by now how serious the problems of pollution and climate change are. There isn't anything ‘big' we can do to bring a ‘big' change, but even if do small things, we will be playing our part and it will be enough – which is why Maya and I have compiled these 20 tips. I hope that my article and her article can both be helpful for you.

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→ print as little as necessary

When we print, we waste a lot of paper. We should reuse paper and print on both sides to save the amount of paper we can save. In the same way, instead of using a clean new sheet of paper for a small task, you can use a piece of paper on which already something has been written, or you can use a paper with one of its side filled.

→ plant a tree

Plant a tree or put a plant - whether in your garden, your backyard, along with the road or any other suitable place. You can also participate in volunteering activities devoted to this cause, or partake in planting activities.

→ reduce plastic use -

There are many things you can use in place of plastic, which serve the same purpose as the plastic version of them serves and are more eco-friendly. Instead of using plastic bags and bottles for shopping and storing, you can use paper or cloth bags and metal or aluminum bottles. Instead of covering and containing food with plastic wrap, you can use glass containers, mason jars, stainless steel containers, aluminum foil, and reusable food wraps.

→ reduce food waste

We are wasting food on such a large scale. Don't throw out leftovers if they are still good to eat. Learn to store food correctly so that it does not rot quickly, also learn to preserve food in the right way. Don't overeat and keep your fridge neat.

→ reuse things

Bring metal straws to cafes and paper bags to grocery stores - these are much better than using plastic straws and plastic bags. Similarly, instead of using products harmful to the environment, you can use products which have the same function but are composed of more eco-friendly materials. You can use reusable bags, reusable bottles, and even reusable razors.

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→ don't use skincare products with microplastic -

Microplastic, as well as plastic, is bad for the environment and bad for your skin, which is why we should avoid the utilization of the products which contain it. There are many friendly alternatives to products that contain microplastics, and we should use them in place of the microplastic-containing products.

→ use a bamboo toothbrush -

A bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly alternative to a normal toothbrush. Investing in a bamboo toothbrush is recommended if you wish to help the environment. You will find articles and videos about it online that tell rightly how to use it and everything about it.

→ lessen your shower time -

We don't realize how much water we misuse, even when we are just taking a shower. Try to use as less water as possible when showering so that the least quantity is wasted.

→ water plants in the morning/evening

If you water your plants in the midday, the water will evaporate rapidly because of the sun and the heat. Which is why it's efficient to water plants in the morning and even better to water them in the evening.

→ share the knowledge

Even sharing the knowledge of our environment's problems is helping the earth. If you find that someone doesn't know about this or doesn't understand the urgency of this situation, give the message to them. You will be helping the environment - you may think it's a small help, but it isn't.

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T H A N K Y O U for reading! Do check out Maya's part of the collab as well. You can find this collab's articles in the collab collections. Sending a lot of love to all of you. Love, Abby and Maya