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By the sole and only @shirley_senpai, whose page I absolutely adore (I was thinking to make ather 2-3 articles like yours, if this bother you, please let me know).

And now on with the article!


✺ What super power would you like to have?

mermaid, aesthetic, and pumpkin image wolf, girl, and art image
Shapeshifting is like the coolest power! You can turn into a bird and fly, or into a fish and breath underwater and no one would know it's you so you'd be basically invisible! Also dye your hair and if the next day you're already tired of it you can just change it! THE. B. E. S. T.!

❀ What color would you dye your hair?

hair, long hair, and hair color image Image by Jess Chaos
I'd love to dye my hair purple

❅ Would you rather become a vampire or mermaid?

mermaid, aesthetic, and legs image aesthetic, fantasy, and mermaid image
Definetely a mermaid! Not really hard for me to choose between misthyc sea girl and immortal blood sucker

✵ Would you rather sleep with a snake or swim with a shark?

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I'll take the shark. Not sure why, though...

❃ What's your dream place to visit?

pink, japan, and flowers image aesthetic, architecture, and inspiration image
Here I have to quote Shirley (OP), Japan is my dream place to visit since I was like eleven/twelve

❂ If you write your age backwards how old are you than?

game of thrones, melisandre, and red woman image
91... Woah, old...!

✭ What are you doing right now?

girl, coffee, and computer image Image by Melany Torres
Like...this article, don't you say...? Alright, right before answering this I stopped 'cause "The Nanny" was on and that's priority u.u

✧ Describe your fashion style in one word.

asian, countryside, and dress image skirt, fashion, and kfashion image
No idea. Like how do you sum up cute-vintage-mori-grandma-indefinite?

♡ Would you want to date yourself if you were a different person?

feelings, me, and thoughts image
Not really, no. It takes me way too much to open up and get comfortable around people and, until I am, I'm gonna be awkward and say stupid things for no apparent reason.

❈ How much time do you spend on this app?

iphone, case, and galaxy image flowers, blue, and sky image
It depends, sometimes a lot, sometimes very few...

♤ If you had your own game what would it be called?

black and white, couple, and guy image boy, boyfriend, and game image
Something like "Build Your Life", like real life but you can do whaterver you want. Maybe a bit unoriginal... ^^'

♫ What's one thing that you want to do?

merry olde towns image england, house, and flowers image
Move in Bibury and live peacefully

☼ Lemons or lime?

lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image drink, lime, and summer image
Honestly I'm not sure of the difference ^^'

☽ At what age do you want to get married?

paris image couple, love, and kiss image
I'm not even sure if I'm going to marry at all... But let's say, I don't know, between 30 and 35?

✤ What's one movie you want to act in?

harry potter, book, and hp image harry potter, hogwarts, and book image
Well, I'd have loved to act in "Harry Potter", I don't care which one (preferably all ^^')

☆ Name one artist you like and one you dislike.

Male Artist I like:

angelica, alexander hamilton, and jasmine cephas jones image
Lin-Manuel Miranda

Female artist I like :

funny, the nanny, and comedy image
Lauren Lane

Artist I dislike :

justin bieber, sexy, and blue eyes image
Again, I must quote Shirley, I really don't like Justin Bieber

✴ What's your native language?

blue, cinque terre, and outfit image book, Dante, and divine image

♥ Can you say " i love you " in 5 languages?

love, quotes, and I Love You image
Let's see: I love you, ti amo, te quiero/te amo, ich liebe dich, je t'aime, aishiteru, σ' αγαπω, saranghae. I guess yes XD ^^'

♘ What's your spirit animal?

boyfriend, holiday, and mourning image bird, cold, and feathers image
I like to think it's a mourning dove, I don't know, I just feel it, if you get it

⁂ What would you name your future kid/kids?

baby image sleep, cute, and babies image
I like the names Cassandra and Camilla for girls, for a boy maybe Giulio or Alessandro


Aaaaaaaaand that was it. I hope you all enjoyed it, probably going to make some others very soon.
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