Hello people! I know it's been a long time since my last article, sorry <3 But here I am again, with a new article to help you achieve your goals.
It's August, this means that we have (less than) five months to do all the things we said we would do but haven't done yet. We don't have time to waste, let's make the most out of the rest of the year!


You need to know where you're at before you can decide what you're going to do next. Pen and paper, it's time to evaluate ourselves.

Resources: https://muchelleb.com.au/pages/mid-year-life-audit

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1. Analyze the past months (jan-aug). Write down a list of things that had a negative impact on your well being and another list of things that had a positive impact on your well being.
2. Habits/activities to start doing based on your previous analysis.
3. Habits/activities to stop doing based on your previous analysis.
4. Wheel of life (Paul J Meyer): How fulfilled do you feel in these areas of your life? (Growth, fun+adventure, spirituality, work, connection, health, environment, wealth and finance).
5. Take a lot at the areas of your life where you're not doing so good, make a list of things you're going to do to improve in these areas.

(These are some general points. I recommend using the worksheets linked above to get more information on each point and to make a more accurate review of your year)


(Mid-Year worksheet)

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1. Focus on what you've achieved so far and make a list. Write down everrryything, even if it's something "insignificant".
2. Review your progress on your goals for 2019.
3. Pick one thing you want to achieve in the next three months. Something that would make a big change or make it easier for you to achieve the rest of your goals.


1. Goals

Time to update our goals. First imagine a big picture of how do you want your life to look like by the end of the year. Break this down to smaller and more specific things to want to achieve. Now, break each one of these smaller goals into things to do in the next month. (You don't have to achieve these goals in a month, just write down what you can do in the next month to be closer to achieving your goal).

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2. Habits

Each goal requires you to start a habit or more than one habit. Write down at least one small habit per goal. Remember to start slowly and go from the easiest habit to the hardest one.

3. Track your progress and update your goals

Tracking your progress is very important and it will help you see if you need to change something. If something is not working then it's time to update your goal, maybe you set it way too high, maybe it's not as relevant as it was when you set it, or maybe you need to postpone this goal because it's not working with your current schedule. It's important to know that we're constantly changing, what works for us today might not work anymore tomorrow, what we want today might not be what we want tomorrow. Plan your future but don't forget that you're always living in the present.

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Start (again) my own business: My first attempt was a fail but at the same time it was not a fail because I learned a lot. I invested a lot of time to read and watch business related books and videos. But the most important things is that I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I'm a perfectionist (and now I'm working on things because I'm literally self-sabotaging my success), I learned that I give up easily (probably because I get tired of things very easily too), I compare myself to other people a lot and I'm very scared of failure. I've also learned that I'm a hard-working person, very creative, talented and optimistic.

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Work out: I stopped working out but I'm proud to say that I almost made it a habit (lol). Now I know that working out in the morning is what works for me. And I know that I need to change my mindset and not workout only because I want to look "good". I have to start working out because I've noticed that when I work out I'm in a better mood, my body is full of energy, I get things done and I sleep better.

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Start using my planner again: Keep it very simple and minimalistic. I love being creative, drawing and all that stuff but nope, those cute Pinterest planners are not for me. I need something practical that won't take too much time. So having a planner and a separate art journal is what works better for me.

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French: I want to learn more languages but I need to focus on French and get better at it. At this point I don't even know if I can say that French my mother tongue because I can barely speak it. But I still understand most of it so that's a huge point on my favor.
Listening to music in French and watching movies/series in French will make the (re)learning process a lot faster.

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University: I still have a month until I start uni, but getting good grades is one of my goals for the last four months of the year.

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1. Piano: Of course this journey is extremely long and I'll never stop learning but I'm very proud of my progress. In less than six months ya girl has become a good a** pianist and plays in public.

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Honestly, even though I have not achieved most of my goals yet, I'm happy because I finally achieved a goal I had set (a lot of) years ago.

2. Cooking: I don't like cooking but I wanted to be able to cook more than rice and pasta. I'm proud to say that I'm good at cooking (still not a huge fan of this activity tho). Of course, I have and I want to learn more and try new recipes. Oh, and I have to add baking to my goal list (I enjoy baking a lot more than cooking "regular" food).

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3. Reading: This has been a hobby of mine since I was little but this year I decided to start reading non-fiction books. Now I'm taking a break from non-fiction because I have to find a way to turn all the information I get into things I can start applying to my own life. (I read fast, so I would always find myself reading a lot of books every month, getting a lot of information but not taking the time to process all of it).

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4. Skincare: When 2019 started I decided to take skincare seriously but boyyy I never imagined I would actually take it seriously for so long.

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I can officially say that it has become a habit (I just remembered I didn't wash my face last night, oops...) Sometimes I don't do my skincare routine, ngl, but I could count on the fingers of one hand (or maybe one and a half) the times I've skipped my skincare routine.
My skin is far from being "flawless" and I'm still dealing with some breakouts and other things but it has improved a lot. Don't worry I will make a skincare article.

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3. Hair: I think I'm starting to really understand what works for my hair and how to properly take care of it. I just have to stop being lazy and my hair will look amazing (or at least that's what I hope).

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4. Fashion/Makeup: This might be kind of stupid for some people but it's one of my biggest achievements. I started 2019 dressing like a zombie, mainly because I was feeling down and did not care at all about my appearance. I've always been into fashion and makeup so my lack of interest in these topics was not normal. Anyways, the things is that I went from hating my wardrobe to loving almost every single piece of clothing I own. Also, I learned that I loved letting my creativity flow through fashion and makeup and not only drawing, painting, design and music. I love putting outfits together, trying new makeup looks. I'm mostly proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying things I never thought I would wear.

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5. Mental health: This deserves a whole article but I will share my progress very fast. I basically went from feeling depressed most of the time to feeling happy and full of energy 24/7. I'm just being myself, unapologetic and making people have fun with my crackhead energy. I might write an article talking about this, maybe at the end of the year to share my whole journey.

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Well, hearters, this is it for today. I think I like this article style, a formal and informative part and a more casual and chit-chat end.

See you in my next article! (Let's hope I don't take another month lol)

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