Hi beautiful hearters.Today I am going to tell you some tips about how to become more social.It's not bad to be a little shy,moreover and I am.When I want to make friends,I use some tips to eliminate stress and shame.Now I am going to share my tips with you.Are really useful and helpful.Remember to be a little shy it's not bad.You are cool as you are.

Surely something that will do you good is to see people.Maybe now, as you think it you might don't find it very helpful.But it really works.Go to places with lots of people.Go for walks a little time every time.It will help you.

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You have to be honest about what you feel.The best way to do this is by writing a diary.Take note of your thoughts about the people and your experience every day.Just write how did you feel and if you made progress."Doing this discussion with yourself" will help you to realize some things and to be more social.Generally diary is something that helps you in your life,you have to try it.

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Something that may is obvious but I have to say it,is to talk more.Maybe you don't like to talk too much,but you have to try.Talk more with people you trust.With people you feel they will understand you.They will help you in their own way without knowing it.Talk about anything,just talk.

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Make new friends.This is the "key tip" to achieve your goal.But "make new friends" it's just a word.Surely there are people who you are interested in they and you are ashamed to talk to them.The first thing you have to do is sit with them.Then try to be yourself,don't pretend.Try to be patient and to find the proper occasion to speak to them.Something they will do,something they will say,may be your "golden opportunity". So one conversation will bring the other...That will be the beginning of a friendship.It's much simpler that you really think.

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Have the best day of your life with the best friends!