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How are you? How is everything going on your life? I hope the answer is okay. If you ask me the same question, I would definitely say, I'm finee. It's been so long to not talk freely in here, and it feels like a kinda new things to me, haha. I'm so sorry that I suddenly be gone, disappear, being M.I.A for 4 months. There was so many things that happened in my life that I don't even know from where to began with to tell the story what was happened.

For the start, in the beginning of May, I was already moving out to another city, also moving to a new home. It was kinda too sudden actually, but I'm not surprised. My life is always so freaking spontaneous, I even just have a week to prepare packing all my things, and it was overwhelm me so much, it stressed me so bad, got anxious about it all the time. Surely, it makes me have to take a decision to stop everything that I do, included writing articles.

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I was thought maybe after I finished moving, I have a time to write again, because so many ideas and prompt that I made on those days, but sometimes your brain is wrong. I definitely have so many issues that I should deal with, one of it is about my mental health. So I decided to take a break without telling anybody. I was isolated my self from everything. Not used any social media at all while I'm resting at home, trying to get heal and having more quality time with my family and friends.

Sometimes I check We Heart it just want to know what's going on, and any others social medias too. No need to worries my friends, while I'm on breaks, I wrote so many things to share in here. I know, there was so many that I've been missed too, like my ' A Poem of The Month' 1st Anniversary, Spring Writing Contest, etc, etc.

It was a year ago, I decided to make a poem content to shared it in every month, it made me realized that I love to make a poetry verses so much :)

Also, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K FOLLOWERS! I'm never imagine that I would be so active in here, create a writing content and being serious about it. I was worked hard to create a good content as good as possible and want to reach or got 1k reward trophies. This wouldn't be happened if you don't follow me and stick around with me. Everything happen because of you. I love you guys so much! I Heart You ❤️

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Before I ending this articles, I want to have a little discussion with you all. If I make a book club in here, did you want to join it with me? All the information about the club I would be share in the next article, if you down with the ideas of mine, please let me know by sending me a massage " I'm Down! " or maybe you have some ideas or suggestion about the club too. I will be waiting!

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please send me a massege :))

A bunch of words can't describe, how much grateful I am for everything. It's never enough. If it was not because from all of your support, I think I wouldn't be here, and reach my one of my ultimate goals. I would never taking this for granted, I hope. Happy reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Have a nice day & see you later, babes! ♡

As Always,

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