let's go, round 2!

- first time you saw him? which era?

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2016, Fire Truck era

- was he already your bias before becoming your ult or did you switch to him?

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kinda? first taeyong became my ult and then yuta just became more and more present on my bias list. now he's my second ult. oops?

- favourite era of him?

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definitely Chain! the purple hair, a debut in his mother language, the iconic hair pins, center yuta, his lines, the outfits-

- any favourite outfit(s) for him?

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there's many more, but these killed me already

- any habits you have in common with him?

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i love to express my love towards friends and family! may it be hugs, kisses or tons of hearts in messages. yuta also once mentioned that, instead of bottling his feelings up, he watches a sad movie and cries when he feels sad. i do that too, i listen to sad music and cry because afterwards i feel better and can deal better with my thoughts and feelings.

- favorite interaction?

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i really think that yuwin is one of the cutest ships, but for me the friendship between taeyong and yuta is even cuter. call me biased, but the fact that taeyong made the effort to learn japanese so that yuta wouldn't feel left out when he just arrived in korea is still the cutest thing ever.

- soft or hard stan?

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kinda both? like with taeyong, but i think i'm a bit softer for yuta

- a song that makes you think of him?

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justin timberlake - can't stop the feeling! just like that song, the osaka prince never fails to make me happy and cheer me up after a hard day.

- what makes him special?

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i feel like yuta has so much love in him and spreads it anywhere he can, he cheers people up and his infective smile helps me getting through rough times. he's special because he isn't embarrassed to talk about crying and openly tells people his feelings.

last but not least:
- why is he your ultimate bias?

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he is my ultimate bias, because he helped me through very hard times and made me realize, that it's better to talk about my fears and insecurities and that crying doesn't mean you're weak. i often see myself in his bubbly personality and that makes me more than happy. i love this cute baby so, so much.

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