fun fact: seventeen is my ultimate group!

when did you first start stanning?
dwc era!
first bias
vans, shoes, and sneakers image Image by rocket_98
current bias
Temporarily removed art, architecture, and gold image
80s, 90s, and aesthetic image jun, Seventeen, and wen junhui image
and jeonghan! (i can't choose lol)
Seventeen and jeonghan image flowers, aesthetic, and water image
i just noticed they're all from different units too wow
bias wrecker
minghao (the8)
flowers, plants, and nature image Image removed
look at him :(((
first song i listened to
don't wanna cry
Seventeen, vernon, and kpop image aesthetic, blue, and mirror image
favourite era
oh my!
kiss, lipstick, and lips image jun, Seventeen, and kpop image
favourite song
Temporarily removed Image removed
favourite song at the moment
fast pace
Chan, dino, and icon image red, rose, and aesthetic image
favourite album
you made my dawn
gray, photography, and yellow image Image removed
favourite unit
dino, myungho, and wen junhui image nails image
favourite ship(s)
flowers, rose, and aesthetic image otp, Seventeen, and seungcheol image
my parents are so cute :(
Image removed Seventeen, vernon, and boo seungkwan image
soulmates uwu
crying, sad, and quotes image Image removed
jun, otp, and Seventeen image Prada, aesthetic, and orange image
Image removed DK, Seventeen, and seokmin image
Image removed aesthetic, blue, and shoes image
all of these ships are devastating bye
favourite mv
don't wanna cry
cosy, evening, and light image Seventeen, dont wanna cry, and jeonghan image
favourite choreography
pretty u
jun, Seventeen, and junhui image pink, heart, and lollipop image
i honestly just really love the part at the beginning

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