I don't know if anyone has done this, if so then sorry, I didn't know but I just randomly thought of this idea after watching this amazing anime.

Name - Momozono Ejiri (ใƒขใƒขใ‚พใƒŽใƒปใ‚จใ‚ธใƒช)

Age - Seventeen

Birthday - August 13th

Family - She was adopted by Nanami's family

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Brunette, Purple Eyes, Average (5'6)
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She has no memories of her parents or if she had any siblings before Nanami. Every time she finds herself alone, she tries to remember of her past but nothing comes to play, thankfully the sisters were there for each other. even when their old man of a father left them homeless, which wasn't pleasant.
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Mizuki, Kurama.

Mizuki - Though he kidnapped her yes, after some time they became friends as the male seemed truthworthy, with limits.

Kurama - They had differences at first since he tried to steal her sisters duty. But after learning more about him, she began trusting him, with limits of course.

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She is a human girl, though some say she isn't considering she could see gods along with Yokai, and seemed to be able to heal herself. But it was the power from a bracelet that granted her these abilities, without the bracelet she's a mere human girl, with a god as a sister.
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She is a survivor, though despite that she has her flaws. She usually hides those ugly feelings away til she's certain she is alone. She has a bit of a temper, though despite that she refuses to let others silence her, deciding who she should be. Usually others tend to see her happy, or standing up for herself but inside she had been breaking away slowly.
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Since she had been the sister to Nanami. Naturally, she was allowed to stay with Nanami at the shrine. And that was when she met Tomoe, who seemed of an arrogant fool for quite a while. Though in due time they started to warm up, yes there were difficulties but after years he would truly admit his feelings for her, though it took a long time. It was much worth the wait, it even took time for Ejiri to admit those feelings of hers but it was long before Tomoe had admitted his feelings.
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The two had gotten married, having two healthy twin boys, their story finally ending in a happy end. Tomoe had even become human to stay with his love, yes there were holes in the road but in the end it worked out well for the two, and even Nanami fell for Jirou.