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people like people similar to themselves. on a subconscious level, mirroring people's gestures and behaviors will make them feel closer to you

ask for small favors

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often, you feel like you're not close enough to ask for a favor. however, asking for small favors (such as asking for their notes, asking them to go to a nearby place with you etc) will make the person think and realize that you're close enough to ask for favors

offer help

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as we said, many people won't ask for help because they feel like you're not close enough; if you see someone struggling or understand that they need something, go up to them and ask if you can help. you'll look nice and reliable

be competent

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people love competent people and being friends with someone who knows what they're doing...

but show weakness from time to time

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you don't want to look like an unapproachable, unfazed robot. seeing a usually competent person make some small mistakes makes them even more interesting. So, from time to time, show some weakness: being a bit clumsy, admitting to be stressed, or talking about how scared you are of horror movies

listen to people

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people love talking about themselves, so listen to them and react the way they expect you to; if it fits the topic, tell them a story of your own

call people by their names

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it'll mean that your remember it = you care about them

put effort

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if someone asks you go go grab a coffee or lunch, go even if you feel tired and would rather go home. it's important to show that you care and are happy in their company; if you don't go at first, you'll probably feel like an outsider next time

be close to them

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as we said, meet them outside of class/work if you can, and always say hi and stop to chat if you casually meet them around

compliment people

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it makes you look nice and spontaneous

be friends with their friends

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it'll not only make the number of your acquaitances larger, but it's also easier to become close friends (and not just acquaitances) with people when you have mutual friends!