Tell me how fond of you are you?
Is it more than me, is it close to?
Seems that you’re the one that you like to let in
Suffocated by yourself and your own skin

Can’t help but see the way your bleed your soul into your screen
You’ve made time for many stranger’s time you could have spent with me
Reluctance builds for me to bring to light the things I want to share
For it feels that I am are here but you are there

Don’t you know you’re being toyed?
With all your hundred hours just devoured by the void
You will never notice in your blissful ignorance
That you leave behind the time that you have missed

I often sit and wonder to yourself how you are seen?
What all this ego boosting is doing to your’ self-esteem
I hope to God that this will pass and you’ll understand the truth
That life goes far beyond a self-indulgent take on youth

What’s the use in all this effort? But really, what’s it for?
Your follow count seems to be some vanity ridden score
Does it pump you up? Do you feel good? Is that all you want to be?
You say ‘I don’t see me in that way” but that’s not how it feels to me

It rips into me to see the sparks of an ego fuelling fire
I am scared that soon enough you’ll just be ‘pretty boy for hire’
I also do not want you see your beauty stripped away
For when your vain your looks will fade and your sprit sticks like clay

I wonder if you think of this, I doubt you ever would
I’m seeing little flickers so I really think you should
Would you recognise if it took over? All this glorifying crowd applause
Or would the build-up leave you on a throne beckoning for more?