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as we all know, the time has come. skool time. and for some of us, it's also uniform time.

this article is for us uniform-wearing bitches based off of some changes/tweaks I've personally made to my school's dress code.


exhibit 1

90s, aesthetic, and alternative image
layer your uniform shirt over a hoodie. this is a cool way to change your outfit up without breaking any rules.

exhibit 2

Mature image
if your school provides you with hoodies or sweatshirts I suggest you layer a large denim jacket over them. this way you won't look plain and basic.

exhibit 3

outfit, fashion, and style image
try layering your school shirt above a long sleeve turtle neck or a regular long sleeve. this is especially good for the winter. plus it gives you an aesthetic type vibe.


exhibit 3

girls, pink, and carefree image
a simple hoodie can give you any type of vibe, you feel me? just make sure it's within dress code.

exhibit 4

fashion, outfit, and black image
consider adding chains to your jeans/pants. they are a nice way to accessorize your clothes because they go well with any type of pants.

exhibit 5

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image
belts. try out different colors and styles, ones that suits the pants/jeans you take to school. this can also work for dresses and skirts!

exhibit 6

boy, chains, and eboy image
socksss. they can make such a difference if you style them properly, bro.

part 1 has come to a conclusion. this is a series so there will be more parts to this so stay tuned ;)

hope you enjoyed - alter E

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