As I read somewhere, an average human lives 27,375 days. A big part of those days is spent sitting or looking at our screens, as the stats say. The worst part - many spend those days doing what the world, the family or other people and tradition expect them to do. Having only around 27,375 days on this beautiful planet and spending it doing something you don’t truly love or living with someone you can’t stand, sounds like throwing away the biggest chance you ever will get. The chance to live, breathe and enjoy your days.

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Don’t choose to follow the path everyone before you took because it’s safe or because that way people won’t judge you. Don’t choose to stay where you don’t feel at home, comfortable or accepted. Don’t stay in a relationship or a marriage with someone you don’t love with your whole soul or who doesn’t respect you just because you are afraid of loneliness. Don’t choose college or career that your parents want you or just because some statistics said it will bring you a lot of money. Don’t waste any moment doing something that doesn’t fill you with life and makes you feel right. Go through life breathing fully, not just breathing-half way to get through a day. Get rid of the things, people and feelings that take away more from you than they give.

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The only thing in your life that it’s certain is that you will die and that it’s your responsibility to bring significance into the time you spend on Earth.
The time is limited, but the opportunities and chances are not. Most of us aren’t born rich or even in some wealthier countries. That doesn’t mean that your fate is cemented or unchangeable. Maybe you will have to dig deeper and more stubbornly to make a life for you that you imagined, but don’t let anything or anyone convince you that it’s not possible.

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Listen to your inner voice, to your dreams and plans. If you see yourself living in a kibbutz in Israel or working in a beach-bar on Ibiza, go for it. What if just finishing high school or college, getting some safe office work, getting married and having kids is too plain and ordinary for you? What if you want something more out of this life? What if you believe that this Earth is too beautiful to spend your whole life in a place you’ve been given since birth? What if your mind wanders far and wants to explore the distant corners or meet souls of a different culture on the other side of the planet? Then don’t let anyone hold you down or judge your choices and path. Living the life that doesn’t belong to your soul is life-sucking and the regret never fades. Also, all those people who didn’t understand you and judge you won’t share your pain and regrets, you’ll be alone in it. Only you have to live with the regrets, fears and lost chances. And the regret of a wasted life is probably the most painful one.

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Explore all the offers, options, and opportunities around you and far away from you. Don’t just stick with what you’ve been given, ask for more, look where other people didn’t. Follow your guts, take the risk that might take you closer to what you want. Be careful, but calculate when you can also be reckless. Don’t mind the frameworks that have been here since ever, don’t care about the age or failure. The biggest failure is not trying to fight for what you know will really make you happy.

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Freely get out of your box and see what’s outside and all the things life can offer you. The sensation of feeling alive is never triggered by doing something you’ve been doing all your life or doing what feels safe and common. Chase the novelty, the thrills, and the adventure. If that’s what your soul aches for, do it. Just listen to yourself, no one else can know what you need and what you should. Only you do. And you SHOULD only do what makes you feel true to yourself and connected to life.

This article was written by @FireBomb93 on the We Heart It Writers Team.