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first time you saw him/her? which era?

lee jeno, jeno, and nct dream image lee jeno, jeno, and nct dream image
i started listening to kpop in july 2018 i believe the first time i saw him was in their relay video for 'go' during the empathy era

was he/she already your bias before becoming your ult or did you switch to him/her?

boys, icon, and kpop image boys, icon, and kpop image
yes! jeno, along with doyoung and taeyong were my biases then i ended up ulting them right away!

favourite era of him/her?

aesthetic, beige, and black image aesthetic, beige, and black image
i have to say we go up because it was my first ever nct comeback with the boys! but boom is a close second

any favourite outfit(s) for him/her?

icon image nct, jeno, and kpop image lee jeno, nct, and jeno image kpop, nct, and jeno image
i have so many favourite outfits on him but, these are just a few!

any habits you have in common with him/her?

icon, lq, and lee jeno image nct image
jeno does a lil nose scrunch that i do too! i have a habit in doing so because of my glasses! also, he does a lil 'huh?' sound whenever he's confused that i picked up from him!

favorite interaction?

donghae, kpop, and kyungsoo image donghae, kpop, and sm town image
probably this one during sm town! kyungsoo is my exo bias/ult so when i saw this clip/pictures of them, i was so happy!

soft or hard stan?

boys, icons, and korean image boys, icons, and korean image
soft stan all the way!!

a song that makes you think of him/her?

kpop, preview, and lee jeno image Image by cloudy 🍑
blessed by daniel caesar! it's one of my favourite songs so i had to dedicate it to him

what makes him/her special?

boys, icon, and icons image boys, icon, and icons image
in my opinion, he's an all around great guy! he's very very talented at what he does and he just has a charm that really makes you fall for him!

why is he/she your ultimate bias?

Image by -:♡:- Image by -:♡:-
from the very beginning, jeno has always caught my eye, for some reason i even found him intimidating at one point? but once you really get to know who he is, he's one of the sweetest and most caring boy i have ever seen! he loves his members so much and never fails to show his love for them! jeno brought me a sense of comfort when i needed it the most, whether it was just seeing him smile/laugh or if it was just hearing his voice in a song- he'll always be one of the people who has changed my life for the better

and that's it! this is my first whi article and i really liked doing these sort of things! i want to do more kpop related articles as it's become a huge part of my life now, so stay tuned!
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