Bonjour, everyone! I know, I know, it's been a while since I made one of these "Worst to Best" articles, but I'm back with another one! This is the mini-series where I rank Katy Perry's songs from worst to best from their respective albums. Of course, "worst" doesn't mean it's a revolting song, it just happens to be my least favorite from the album. This month's article will be on Katy's second studio album, Teenage Dream! I will be ranking the songs from that album, as well as a couple from Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, which is a reissue of TD, but with exclusive remixes and original songs. I'll only be mentioning the original songs "Part of Me", "Wide Awake", and "Dressin' Up" since the remixes with big artists like Missy Elliot and Kanye West aren't really anything too special.

If you haven't read my previous articles where I covered One of the Boys, here are the links if you would like to!

With that out of the way, let's begin!

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15. California Gurls (ft. Snoop Dogg)

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Eek, I kinda feel bad for placing this iconic song at the bottom. Don't get me wrong, I love the design of the single cover and some of the visuals from the music video are nice...but was Snoop Dogg necessary? To me, he's just rambling on about stuff to sound like he's rapping. Oh well, it's still a decent song and I can understand why it's so popular and it's a GREAT summer song, but there are honestly better singles in Katy's discography.

14. Pearl

Wow. Talk about a powerful song. "Pearl" is about a girl who did great things in her life, until she got involved in an abusive relationship where she was kept in the dark. The lyrics are so poetic and I love the bridge!

"Do you know that there's a way out...You don't have to be held down...'Cause I used to be a shell/Yeah, I let him rule my world"

13. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

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This song is a total bop. It's a carefree song about partying on a Friday night, and doing it "alllll againnnn". This is also one of Katy's best music videos. It's an 8 minute long and is essentially a mini 80s high school movie, with a plot, cast, and everything! It's awesome some Glee stars like Darren Criss and Kevin McHale were featured. The music video also introduced us to the icon that is Kathy Beth Terry, which is cool.

12. Not Like the Movies

I love the instrumentals for this one, as well as Katy's beautiful yet subtle vocals. It has a soft piano for the intro, then a quiet drumbeat after the chorus. The song gets a bit louder for the bridge, then quiet for a brief moment, then louder again, then soft, then it ends. Haha. I love it.

11. The One That Got Away

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The instrumentals are great in this song, too. However, the drum is more prominent and is heard in the intro. TOTGA just has a great melody in general with wonderful lyrics and a tragic music video. And the special effects makeup used to make Katy look old during certain parts of the video look amazing!

10. Peacock

Unfortunately, this song isn't about one of my favorite animals, but admittedly, it's still a pretty good song. The actual meaning is kinda NSFW, so it's best not to talk about it here lol. Really the biggest reason why I like this song is because of the outfit Katy wore when she sang this song during her California Dreams Tour.

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So beautiful :)

9. Teenage Dream

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This song gets me so pumped up. The intro is awesome and instantly pulls me into the world of Katy. It's so full of life and just like "California Gurls," it's a great song to play during the summertime! "Teenage Dream" is such a perfect way to kick off this album.

8. Dressin' Up

"Dressin' Up" is one of Katy's more underrated songs. It's an original song exclusive on The Complete Confection like "Part of Me" and "Wide Awake" but it didn't become a single. Proably because it's a little too, uh, mature for mainstream music. Similar to "Peacock". Lol. But it still has a great beat and in my opinion, it really stands out during the chorus.

7. Hummingbird Heartbeat

Ah, another great song. This song is about being in love and having your heartbeat-like, well, a hummingbird's! It's overall a bouncy song with an awesome bridge and is great to sing along to!

6. Part of Me

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OOH, a ballad! This is such a fierce song with a message about being yourself and not letting anybody take that away from you. It has a spectacular music video about Katy finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her, breaking up with him, and joining the Army. It's freakin' awesome. She sings a lyric here and there underneath a huge American flag. It's legendary. Oh, and of course I couldn't forget that it's the subtitle for her iconic documentary.

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5. Circle the Drain

Another underrated song. You can really hear and sometimes feel Katy's anger while she's singing this banger of a song. She even drops a couple "F" bombs! It's about Katy dumping someone for being a drug addict. He promises he'll stop, but he doesn't.

You give a hundred reasons why
And you say you're really gonna try
If I had a nickel for every time
I'd own the bank

4. Who Am I Living For?

Again, yet another underrated song. The last one on this list, I promise. It has such a unique title with equally unique lyrics. The song's about her being torn between writing songs from her heart, or for the fame. Record sales, awards, whatnot. She knows creating songs she will genuinely enjoy is what will make her happy, but the temptation of the mainstream music industry is holding back. Katy also sprinkles in Biblical references like sacrifices, writing on the wall, Heaven/Hell, a phoenix, and Ester, which makes this song even more special.

3. Wide Awake

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I've been falling in love with this song recently. I mean, I've always admired it, but now it' It's by far one of her best music videos with this fairy tale atmosphere. Watching it always made my heart flutter. I don't know how to explain it, it gives me a wonderful feeling inside. What’s ironic about the song is that even though it’s named “Wide Awake”, it has a very dreamlike feel to it and I really like that. The song overall is very catchy with an opening that pulls you in. I'm obsessed with it <3.

2. Firework

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Iconic!! I love that this song always gets really popular during the 4th of July! I love that this song has such a powerful message! I love the special effects in the music video! I love the instrumentals!! Every aspect of this is pop perfection!

1. E.T.

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Number 1. E.T. Personally, I prefer the solo version over the one that features Kanye West. Anyway, this song is everything. Striking instrumentals, hypnotic lyrics, and Katy's sensational voice. The music video is jaw-dropping as well. The overall synopsis of it is a bit weird, the cinematography, costume design, special effects, and visuals are outstanding. It's so cool seeing Katy spin around in space! It's such a song that breaks away from her typical bubblegum pop persona. Did I mention the instrumentals?

Au revoir! - Liv 🦋✨


This article was written by @legendarylovin on the We Heart It Writers Team