LP - Lost on You

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Release date: November 20, 2015 as the second single from LP's fourth studio album of the same name.

Hit: It became an instant success in Greece and it reached #1 in twelve other countries including France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Israel, Serbia, Poland and Turkey.

Laura Pergolizzi (LP) is a singer and songwriter born in Long Island, New York. She has written hit songs for famous artists like Rihanna “Cheers (Drink to That)” and Rita Ora “Shine Ya Light” Backstreet Boys (“Love Will Keep You Up All Night”) Christina Aguilera (“Beautiful People”). “Lost on You” is about the breakdown of LP’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend where she writes about their love and time lost. She told The Independent that when she wrote this song she was one year away from breaking up with that person, "It was like being suffocated slowly… I always go into a relationship wanting it to last forever, I think most people do, and then you have that scary period where you become aware that it isn't working."

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Coldplay - Yellow

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Release date: 2000

Hit: NME Award for Best Single in 2001

“Yellow” is a song about being devoted to a person you love and willing to do anything for them. It can be any person: a brother/sister, a cousin, your parents, your boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend, etc. Being willing to do anything for them can also mean writing a song, thus the lyrics: “I came along/ I wrote a song for you/ And all the things you do” and “For you I'd bleed myself dry...”

The night the band came up with the line, “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”, was after looking at the nice clear sky in Wales, the country were they where recording. Martin claims to have had no specific person in mind when he wrote this song.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK xeF4 KMsY

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

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Release date:

Hit: Best International Song in 2014

“Counting Stars” is a feel good upbeat song mainly about counting your blessings, letting go and being a free spirit, following the path to your dreams, doing the things you love and believe in, even when others might not support you, and doing what thrills you and makes you feel most alive. When Ryan Tedder sings, "Said no more counting dollars / We'll be counting stars / Yeah, we'll be counting stars", I personally think that it means that worrying about money should’t blind you from seeing your blessing (stars = blessings). So count your blessings and you’ll see how truly rich you are. "I feel something so right / By doing the wrong thing / And I feel something so wrong / By doing the right thing / I couldn't lie, couldn't lie, couldn't lie.” Everyone perceives things differently; maybe something that to you is right for another it’s not. That shouldn't stop you from doing what you want. If doing the perceived right thing doesn’t make you happy, maybe you should rethink things and meditate on what truly makes you happy.

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