Hi Everyone! Since I have been gaining new followers I thought,

Why not let you guys get to know me better?

So here are 20 facts about me!

1. I'm half British

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My mum was born in southern England and moved to the states when she was a little girl with her brother, sister, and parents.

2. I currently have three cats

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My eldest cat Sheba is white with black spots and has a tabby tail. I got her when I was in elementary school, she will love anyone who will let her sleep on their lap. Hidey is a tabby cat and she gets scared very easily. Spooky is my black cat and she is very carefree, will let you do anything to her like carry her in weird ways. Spooky and Hidey are from the same litter.

3. I love the color pink

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I used to hate the color pink when I was younger but now I love it. I have a lot of pink things, my backpack, my phone case, my Disneyland blanket, my yoga bag.

4. I am blind in my left eye

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My vision in my left eye is 20/200 and my right is 20/20. When you look into my left eye there is a tiny white scar going across my pupil and it also does not dilate. How I got blind that's a different story.

5. My favorite show is greys anatomy

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I am a huge fan of greys anatomy. I have watched it 2 times so far and I also have a keychain on my keys from my best friend saying you are my person.

6. I have one sister

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My sister is 16 years older than me. She is mentally ill but she is the best sister I could ever have. She cares so much about me and when I was born she was so happy to have a younger sister.

7. My zodiac sign is a cancer

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My birthday is June 28th, I share it with king henry the 8th who was king of England. I fell like most stuff posted about cancer is very true for me.

8. I have a boyfriend

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We have been together for almost 3 years in September. We first meet through tinder and in one of his pictures he was making a double chin and my first thought was "That's the man for me." We are perfect for each other.

9. My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers

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I have been a fan since the there first album came out and I am going to go see them on tour in December! I am trying to sale the other tickers that I got for SF to buy a meet and greet. As a teenager, Nick used to be my favorite but now it's Kevin.

10. As a kid, my favorite movies were The Parent Trap and A Cinderella Story

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I used to watch these movies all the time with my mom. Even today, they are still one of my favorite movies.

11. I love Disneyland!

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I have been to Disneyland so many times for free through my dad's work. My favorite ride is the guardians of the galaxy (used to be known as the tower of terror). I am a big rollercoaster fan, I have been on Kingda Ka which has a 456 ft drop to the ground.

12. I am pretty tall

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My height is 5'9 but when I put on heels I am 6 ft. I have always been tall growing up, I was always the tallest one in my classes. I was even called a tall freak once when I was in elementary school but now that boy who made fun of me is taller than I am.

13. I have a couple of disorders

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I have an eating disorder called ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder). It's where I am afraid to try new foods because I am afraid it could hurt me. Most times this is because the person had a traumatic experience with food as a child-like choking, vomiting, gaging ect. I also have a skin disorder called dermatillomania.

14. I live in California

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I live in the bay area east of San Fransisco. It only takes me about 30 min depending on traffic to get to SF and I love going there. Except I would never drive in SF it can get crazy.

15. I have one more semester left till I can transfer

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I am so excited that this is my last semester at a community college. I want to transfer to UC Sant Cruz because I absolutely love it there and Santa Cruz always has a chill vibe to it.

16. I am into yoga

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I have been practicing hatha yoga for 2 years and I fell in love with it when I first began taking classes at my college. I haven't been practicing since spring classes have ended and I need to get back into it.

17. I went to England for graduating high school

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My Aunt and I stayed in Bourton On The Water for 2 weeks while in the UK about 2 hours out of London. I even got to meet my third cousin and found out we both look exactly alike. People could easily mistake us as sisters we look that much alike. I would give anything to go back, it felt like I was home while in the UK.

18. I am very accident-prone

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I have broken both of wrist, both of my elbows and my pinky toe. I have hurt my self in the most stupid ways like how I broke my arm by falling walking upstairs and tripping. Another time I had a dresser fall me when I was a kid and 2 black eyes for a month.

19. My current favorite song that I have been listing to nonstop is Cattitude by Miley Cyrus

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I love how it's an upbeat song and you can easily dance to it. I love all of Miley's songs except for Doooo It. I think if she goes on tour again it would be interesting to see it.

20. I am going to Hawaii tomorrow for the first time!

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I am so excited to be able to go to Hawaii. I am going to be watching lilo and stitch on the plane to get hyped up even more. I am just not excited about waking up early to catch the flight.
Thank you for reading my article. Since I will be in Hawaii it will be a little bit harder to post articles. Check out some of my other articles below. Have a fun day! ~ Chelseannerose