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happiest birthday to the loviest and cutest nana in the world, we love you sweetie ♥♥♥

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And now the main topic
This whole article is just going to be a long ass rant, and many people have ranted about this before but this has been really bugging me and i want to give my 2 cents about it.

As we all know SM first announced their New Culture Technology project in 2016 announcing 5 projects
SM Station, EDM, Digital Platforms, Rookies Entertainment & MCN.

Lastly he said that they will be complementing this project with a new group - to further expand the Hallyu wave - which is NCT.

Back then, SM said the first teams who have bases in Seoul and Tokyo will debut in spring
and teams that will have bases in major cities of china will debut in the later half of the year.

SM even said there will be teams with bases in Southeast Asia, Latin America and more..

It seems that the idea of Limitless members didn't faze SM, and he seemed to have no problem with it (assuming he had planned out things well)
But there are so many problems with how they handled NCT later in execution ;

As we know -NCT 127- is a fixed unit (after adding Johnny & Doyoung a year later and then Jungwoo two years later which completely contradicts the concept of having a set unit BUT trust me i'm not complaining i adore these boys ♥)

And although -NCT 127- debuted before -NCT Dream- AS a fixed unit, SM still debuted two -127- members with -Dream- because their age fits with the concept they have for -Dream-, which is the beginning of the mess
NCT Dream's concept is that when their members reach age 19 (20 in korean age) they'll graduate, and i guess move onto other units
but what units will they move on to ?
We can't even use Mark as an example because he's part of -127- anyways
But in literally 4 months now, what will be of Jeno, Renjun, Jaemin ?
Haechan is also part of -127- but all the rest of the -Dream- members aren't part of any other unit
they can't join 127
but some wonder if Chenle and Renjun will join WayV ?
Though i doubt SM would do that.
Will it be a case of waiting around until NCT U comebacks ?
or will they create a new sub-unit for them ?
in which case they'll make another sub-unit for the next dreamies and so on ?
BUT can SM REALLY keep making endless sub-units and promote them all the time as well as manage the rest of their groups, and still make new groups ?
Many factors cause for SM not making as much money as they did 3 years ago.

How long will the Dreamies wait until they "re-debut"
it's such a mess that even WayV which was supposed to debut in late 2016, debuted 3 years later.
It's just so unfair..
SM should've originally not had units that smash into each other like this.
Each unit should've had individual members
I mean look at the mess with having members being in multiple sub-units at a time

It's as if SM really didn't think about the long-term, because first of all :
If they really wanted a graduation concept that's based on age, then they should've had members that are the same age or at least be a year apart, this small detail will cause for 4 members to leave all at once
But one might think; really what's the big deal if they're going to add new members to NCT Dream anyways ?
Well the deal is that the current members who trained and promoted with each other for 3 years will be separated and have nowhere to go
And i feel that it's likely that after Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin & Renjun leave, SM is going to wait until Jisung turns 19 till we see of NCT Dream again..

In general Graduation systems have always worked terribly in K-pop, just look at what happened to Nine Muses and After School
and though it's mainly the companies' faults in these situations, but do we really trust SM might deal with this any better ?

Though the problem isn't just with NCT Dream
Winwin couldn't even promote in NCT 127's latest comeback because of his activities in WayV
He wasn't even in the music video ! it's almost like he's not even part of the unit for this comeback.
and to me this is really a huge problem, they should've planned things well and made it possible for him to promote with WayV and get enough rest and practice to comeback with NCT 127 , BUT SM IS JUST SUCH A MESS
Haechan right after promoting his comeback with NCT Dream had to hop on a plane and go promote with NCT 127
This is just TERRIBLE

And now with SM making -SuperM- not only will Mark, Taeyong, Ten and Lucas promote with their current units but also with a w h o l e. n e w. g r o u p , which will debut in late 2019 and with how korean age works, one of their members (baekhyun) will actually soon enlist in the military.. *slow claps for SM*
And just in general
They're Overworking the sh*t out of them
and SM has done this before, Making idols promote while injured or sick, and it's unacceptable.
but at this point this is really too much
it's getting more and more intolerable by the second.
And I know it's Capitol Records that asked SM to make this "avengers" group, but did he really have to make 4 NCT members part of this as if they're not already overflown with work
and all 4 of them are already part of 2 sub-units as it is..
Honestly at this point i'm not sure if SM really loves Mark or just hates him.

Though not only is NCT Dream's graduating system a problem in terms of how they'll deal with the graduated members later

but also with the 'We Boom' comeback, NCT Dream have done better than they've ever have before other
They even reached 200.000 physical albums sales in 11 days which surpasses all of the previous NCT & the sub-units album sales
And if y'all noticed even in terms of youtube views (i know i hate them too), the views for 'Boom' are going pretty fast, with almost 20m views in 2 weeks, basically their views surpassed NCT 127's 'Superhuman' which was released months prior.
NCT Dream was even the first unit the have a win on music shows, which shows korean support as well as international.
i read too, that NCT Dream's episode on 'We K-POP' broke the highest live viewership record.

i remember in 2016 & 2017 NCT Dream wasn't really the most popular and where sort of over shadowed by -127- & -U-, but ever since 2018 they've been gaining more and more popularity, and this year they've proved it.

But my point isn't that NCT Dream are more successful, no no no
My point is that this sub-unit has been rising rapidly and they're doing so well, and czennies LOVE OT7 NCT Dream, the graduating system might cause a big fall for the unit later on
Since we're still in the first stages of the graduation system (it being that out of 7, only 1 member currently graduated), most of us haven't fully processed yet that someday NCT Dream will have none of the current members (i cry), so when that actually happens, we don't know how the public's reaction is going to be.

And for the next Dreamies generations, will they have to learn all the previous NCT Dream songs ?
i mean just imagine NCT Dream ver. 10.0 learning a 30 years long discography.

But besides all this, i find it really sad that Jaemin (hbd again sweetie) is leaving this year because he didn't have the chance to be as active as the rest of the dreamies considering he was on hiatus for so long..

It would've been so much better if from the very beginning SM made each sub-unit (except NCT U) with it's own unique set of members (fixed, no graduation shit)
and when they want to experiment and make all sorts of different line-ups, that's when NCT U comes to play, and when we want to see all the members together, the yearly NCT comes to play (which btw where's NCT 2019 ? sighs)
it would've been so much cleaner and fun that way.
but whatddya know SM is #SMess

But now we just have to see how they're going to deal with all this bs..
i just hope whatever SM does it doesn't harm any of the boys..
and i hope SM doesn't get tired of NCT and put them on a never ending hiatus..
For the moment support the boys with all you can and show them love, they deserve it so much ♥
i hope i don't come off too rude, but i'm just so frustrated
anyways if anyone's here thanks if you made it til the end & bye bye, ily

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