hey guys! i've always considered nail polish designs a super creative way to express yourself! not only does it add fun and interesting details to an outfit, but it could also be a gun experience if you try to do it yourself; every nail is like a mini canvas!

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♡♡ without further ado, here is a trendy stylish nail look to try based on your zodiac sign! ♡♡

aries - fiery flame nails
nails, flame, and girl image Image by paulaaaaaa flamme, nails, and on fleek image nails, beauty, and fashion image
(aries traits: bold, courageous & determined) this look is definitely one of the trendiest nail designs at the moment! it can also be a fun one to try to do yourself!
taurus - floral nail art
Image by Jarbas Jacare
(taurus traits: reliable, patient & practical) this floral look is perfect for the summer and is definitely something you should try before fall comes along!
gemini - funky&cute tv/movie character nails
nails, green, and buttercup image nails, disney, and mulan image
(gemini traits: gentle, affectionate & curious) if you have a favorite movie or tv show, it could be really fun to try to do a nail look inspired by it! i've seen many people rock magical harry potter style nails or mysterious stranger things nails!
cancer - designer nail art
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(cancer traits: loyal & highly imaginative) these types of nail designs have also been trending lately and are definitely something you should try out! they're probably one of my favorite nail designs in this article!
leo - butterfly art
boho, cigarettes, and crystals image butterfly and nails image nails, butterfly, and clear image Image removed nails, butterfly, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
(leo traits: creative & passionate) something about butterflies is just so pretty & majestic! add them onto nails and voilà, an incredible nail look!
virgo - ombre nails
nails image
(virgo traits: analytical & kind) a classic! you can't go wrong with a glossy or matte finish ombre nail look!
libra - glossy nude nails
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(libra traits: gracious, fair-minded, social) another classic! if you don't want to go for anything extravagant, then this is the perfect look for you xx
scorpio - multi-colored nails
acrylic and nails image nails, rainbow, and colorful image nails, aesthetic, and beauty image nails, pink, and beauty image
(scorpio traits: resourceful, stubborn & true friend) while i may have been skeptical about this trend at first, i've seen people rock it and i've grown to love this look! actually, i plan to try this look the next time i do my nails :)
sagittarius - colored nail tips
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(sagittarius traits: generous, idealistic, great sense of humor) simple but efficient, this is a very easy look to do yourself and is a fun colorful twist on the classic french tip!
capricorn - simple metallic nails
nails, beautiful, and beauty image
(capricorn traits: disciplined & ambitious) this look has been around for a while and is definitely very popular! it goes with any outfit and the shine is truly mesmerizing
aquarius - glittery&shiny nails
nails, pink, and glitter image nails, stars, and beauty image nails, style, and beauty image nails, acrylic, and beauty image
(aquarius traits: progressive, original & independent) glitter or shimmer, both of these nail designs are quite glamorous! they work for any season or time of the year!
pisces - gemstone nails
nails image nails image
(pisces traits: compassionate, artistic, intuitive) if you have an event coming up, then i definitely recommend this look in particular! it's classy and fancy! the compliments will be flooding in, no doubt about it!

that's it for this article and i hope you guys try out some of these some of these stylish nail looks!

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