Hello beautiful hearters! One of my favorite articles to read is a 20 by 20 article. In these articles, the writer jots down 20 things they wish to accomplish by the age of 20, almost like a bucket list, so I thought I’d give it a go. Hope you enjoy!


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Publish My Second Novel

book, flowers, and yellow image yellow, book, and aesthetic image Image removed book, yellow, and aesthetic image

Be on the New York Times Best Seller List

book, flowers, and aesthetic image john green image book, red queen, and love image aesthetic, aesthetics, and book image

Go To More Concerts

art, band, and concert image purple, aesthetic, and wallpaper image purple, aesthetic, and phone image aesthetic, alternative, and art image

Learn Archery

arrow, archery, and bow image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image archery, artemis, and bow and arrow image Mature image

Become Fluent In Other Languages

angel, korean, and quotes image tattoo, cool, and grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image yes, french, and quotes image

Go Horseback Riding

bliss, canada, and hobby image horse, riding, and horseback riding image autumn colors, etsy, and orange trees image horse image

Donate Blood

Image by 🧚‍♀️кαу 🧜‍♀️ Image by Cris Figueiredo rose, flowers, and wallpaper image red and aesthetic image

Forgive Someone

Mature image tattoo, forgive, and quotes image books, forgive, and inspiration image quotes, forgive, and forgiveness image

Have No Credit Card Debt

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Buy My Own First Car

Image by guapa_emo18 Image by 𝔏 car image baby blue, dream car, and jeep image

Stand In Times Square In New York

city, lights, and new york image Image by Blippy city, december, and lights image destination, times square, and usa image

Visit My Family For A Summer

arab image africa, Algeria, and ethiopia image beach image muslim image

Attend The Sundance Film Festival

ellen page, sundance, and tallulah image Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Meet A Famous Person

zendaya, braids, and beauty image braids, nails, and photoshoot image Temporarily removed colin kaepernick image

Get A Complete Makeover

Image by Cris Figueiredo pink, shoes, and fashion image lips, pink, and glitter image aesthetic, pink, and glasses image

Write My Own Sheet Music

yellow image
yellow, aesthetic, and music image yellow, guitar, and aesthetic image

Go On A Road Trip

aesthetic, pale, and sky image Image by Aleyna aesthetic, arrow, and photography image aesthetic, alternative, and black image

Be On the Cover Of A Magazine

zendaya and glamour image ciara, cover, and essence image ciara, cover, and Hot image Image removed

Love Myself More

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I also have some good news! My book is now available on Indigo.ca as well as Barnes and Noble. The link is in my personal account bio! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me better!

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