Are you trying to start living a healthy lifestyle, but keep running back to fast food on the weekends? I totally get it. It's not fun working hard all week eating healthy and exercising well, and having it all break down the second you are surrounded by fast-food restaurants. Here are some tips on how to stop craving junk food that I use to keep myself in line.

Make food you enjoy, not just food good for your diet

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A lot of people resent diets because they hate the food they have to eat with it. You have to get passed the idea that healthy food is all tasteless and different variations of the same thing. I had the same problem when I first started eating healthy but eventually grew to learn how to make eating an enjoyable part of my day. Try new recipes, pick your favorite foods, and experience new tastes. Whatever you feed your body is exactly what it's going to ask for.

Keep full when going out

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If you genuinely do not have the self-restraint to keep yourself from eating junk food when you're in town or even grocery shopping, then just be sure to eat before you leave the house. If you are full you are less likely to buy unnecessary food.

Don't buy junk food

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This is a no brainer but what I mean by this is that you shouldn't even allow junk food into the house. If it isn't sitting in your pantry then it isn't a temptation. This is my favorite tip because it's the most useful for me.

Don't cut yourself off entirely

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A big mistake people tend to make is cut themselves off entirely. It doesn't help to do that because essentially that would be cutting your body off of something it's grown used to. Take time to cut yourself off little by little until you reach the point that you aren't eating it at all.

Find alternatives for your cravings

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The reason people have trouble not eating junk food is that they crave some aspect of it. Whether it be because they crave something salty, sweet, sugary, etc. there's something that satisfies them about it. I suggest finding substitutes for your cravings. If you're craving something sweet I suggest fruit, low-calorie ice-cream, or anything else you might find at the store. I have found that after adjusting to these new alternatives, I prefer them over junk food.

Grow some self-discipline

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Sometimes you can give a person all the right tips and all the right advice but it won't make them change their habits. Junk food does not rule over you. You establish your own rules and can control your own temptations. Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is learning when to say no to junk food. You don't need postmates when you can make your own meal at home, one you can see what goes into your food.

Don't make it a goal to be healthy 24/7

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It's actually not possible to make a big U-turn and go from eating trashy to eating healthy all the time. I can't even do it. The reason is that you've gone years, maybe even your whole life, eating junk food, so why would you expect your body to suddenly accept it leaving you entirely? Have a cheat meal once a week or let yourself have that bag of chips, there's really no big deal in indulging every once in a while, just make sure to do it in moderation.

Those are all the tips I have for you today! I hope these work out for you guys and let me know how it goes. Don't forget to follow me on We Heart It so we can be friends and check out my other articles!

- Giselle

This article was written by @omg_giselle on the We Heart It writers team