welcome to the second article in this years back to school collection! i try to release a few articles a year concerning back to school to help you prepare and give my tips and tricks on how to have a successful school year. i'll be posting more tip-related articles in the near future, so look out for those.

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❝ sometimes we're all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count. ❞ ━ unknown

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1 | what grade are you going into?

i am going into my senior year (12th grade).

2 | what are you excited / nervous for this year?

i am super excited to play volleyball. i'm extremely nervous for college and my future in general.

3 | what's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?

i love buying new clothes and supplies. i also love starting planners and getting really into organizing my life.
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4 | what grade were you when you first started wearing makeup?

i started wearing bright blue and silver eyeshadow in 6th grade- not my proudest memory.

5 | where do you get your inspiration from?

i get a lot of it here, on we heart it. i also get a lot of it on vsco & instagram (i know i'm basic).

6 | which subjects did you choose?

i'm currently in economics, english, government & pre-cal.
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7 | what are three non-beauty essentials you have to carry in your bag?

i always have my charger, highlighters & planner in my bag.

8 | what are three beauty essentials you have to carry in your bag?

i only carry two chapsticks in my bag that are beauty-related. my two chapstick faves at the moment are glossiers' birthday balm dotcom and the rose vaseline in the tin.

9 | what is your go-to makeup look (for this year)?

my makeup routine is pretty simple and easy, just how i like it to be at seven a.m. i apply mascara and fill in my brows. somedays i'll wear lip gloss.
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thank you so much for reading this article. if you're back to school already or about to start, i wish you the best of luck this year and years to come. i hope you enjoyed this article & if you did feel free to check out my profile & other articles below ↓

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