We’re already halfway through the summer holidays which is crazy how fast time flies. With the few weeks you have left of summer, here are a simple and fun way to spice up your summer before going back to school. I hope you try out something from this article and make the most of your well deserved holiday.

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experiment with your hair:

I used to hate getting my haircut but sometimes change is good. If you’ve had your hair long for a while try cutting it short or going mid-length. If you don’t want to cut your hair you could always dye it a fun color, I recommend dying your hair in summer, especially if you’re not allowed dyed hair at school that way in summer you can experiment without getting in trouble as you don’t have school.

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A safer alternative if you’re worried about messing up your hair is just curling it or straightening it depending on what contradicts your current hairstyle, or learn now hairstyles to wear for back to school!

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Learn to cook a new dish:

I don’t know about you but I'm not the best at cooking or baking however it's fun to learn and try out new recipes when you have the time! Baking with your friends is always super fun and you’ll be learning new skills along the way, even if it’s just baking cookies but try to expand your cooking abilities even by the slightest to improve.

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Go on a walk by the beach:

I know it’s unrealistic if you don’t live anywhere near a beach but try to go outside and take a walk during golden hour or some time where you feel the most relaxed in the day or night. I’m lucky enough to live right by the beach and you can tag along with friends for a walk or go by yourself for peace and quiet.

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If you don’t live by the beach, go to the park or somewhere where you can appreciate the break your on and feel all responsibilities being held on pause.

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Try out a new style for a week:

This one is for my fashion lovers, try out a whole new style for a week! Mix up your aesthetic and go for another style that you’ve been dying to try out or have some sort of interest in an experiment to see if it suits you or not. It’ll be super fun and you’ll gain the knowledge of if the style suits you in which you can slowly incorporate into your wardrobe.

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Do a summer clean:

Most of us probably hate cleaning our rooms or houses but it’s really beneficial. If you’re bored and have nothing to do then reorganize your room, throw away and recycle things, etc.

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The end result will be really satisfying and you might end up coming across objects that you’ve completely forgotten about, whenever I clean my room I end up playing with a load of things I used to love when I was younger, which isn’t very productive but I get my room cleaned at the end.

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