Hi guys! I move into my dorm for my first semester of college this week, and I am so excited! Obviously moving into a new space requires a lot of planning, and I've found so many different dorm styles while seeking out inspiration for my own dorm. I thought I would share some of these different styles that you may love and be able to recreate based on your aesthetic.

1. minimalist

room, bedroom, and decor image bedroom, home, and decor image Temporarily removed aesthetic, minimalist, and college image
white, black, and grey accents + metal containers and greenery

2. grunge

room, aesthetic, and bedroom image aesthetic, alternative, and bedroom image aesthetic, alternative, and bedroom image aesthetic, alternative, and bedroom image
posters, flags, concerts tickets, etc representing your favorite artists + colorful string lights and records (which can be painted and personalized!)

3. artsy

aesthetic, artsy, and bedroom image flowers, light, and rose image art and aesthetic image aesthetic, bedroom, and decor image
string lights, yellow/floral banners, prints of your favorites or your own art and photography

4. boho

aesthetic, bedroom, and decor image book and home image aesthetic, bedroom, and home image aesthetic, boho, and college image
sun and moon decor, posters and records of your favorite artists + yellow or any muted colored accents

5. classic

aesthetic, minimalist, and beige image aesthetic, decor, and indie image aesthetic, polaroid, and vsco image aesthetic, college, and dorm image
pink, gold, beige, and grey tones + tassle banners, school banners, polaroids, and cork boards

thank you for reading! ♡

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