DAY3: Winking😉

⚠️Warning: you'll either come across cute content or extremely flirty one.

So here we go..

🌙 Jaebum

gif, im jaebum, and got7 image
Ok bye world.

✨ Taeyeonie

taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image

🌟 Wonshikie

Temporarily removed

🌅 Kikwangie

Temporarily removed

🌌 Sani

ateez, san, and kpop image ateez, san, and choi san image
Mr. 24/7 wink

☀️ Taeyangie

gif, sf9, and taeyang image
Sir, this is McDonalds drive thru

☄ Jonghyunie

gif, JR, and nu'est image
Slow down prince charming..

🔥 Junhee

Temporarily removed
Mr. 24/7 wink #2

⚡ Chris

Image removed

🎆 Wonho

kpop, asian, and band image

Try not to fall in love with them challenge: FAILED :")

🌟 If this ever inspires you to take on the challenge please tag me i'd love to see it♡ and remember to always have fun!


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