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astronomy, constellations, and stars image Temporarily removed
Canis Major (The Greater Hunting Dog) - One of Orion's two hunting dogs, giving chase to Lepus (The Hare). Contains Sirius (The Dog Star), the brightest star in the sky.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image aesthetic, gold, and hair image
Corona Australis (The Southern Crown) - Wreath that sits at the feet of Sagittarius.


andromeda, astronomy, and constellations image crown, gold, and aesthetic image
Andromeda - Princess of Aethiopia that was sacrificed to Poseidon and put in the sky, next to her husband, Perseus.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image dolphin, ocean, and sea image
Delphinus (The Dolphin) - A messenger sent by Posidon, in the form of a dolphin, to Amphitrite went he was courting her.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image Abusive image
Sagitta (The Arrow) - The arrow of the legendary Greek hero Heracles. A small (third smallest) but distinctive constellation in prominent area.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image animal, bear, and nature image
Ursa Major (The Greater Bear) The nymph Callisto, lover of Zeus, turned into a bear by Hera and made into a constellation by Zeus.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image gold, aesthetic, and harp image
Lyra (The Lyre) - The lyre of Orpheus, the mythical musician, poet, and prophet. Made by Hermes and given to Apollo in a bargain. Contains Vega, the first star to be photographed besides the Sun.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image snake, white, and animal image
Serpens (The Serpent) - A snake held by the healer Asclepius (Ophiuchus) and later resurrected. Actually two constellations connected to make one. Serpens Caput (The Serpent's Head) and Serpens Cauda (The Serpent's Tail).


astronomy, draco, and constellations image dragon image
Draco (The Dragon) - The dragon, Ladon, guardian of the golden apple tree. Later slain by Heracles.


astronomy, constellations, and stars image black, crow, and raven image
Corvus (The Crow) - A crow sent by Apollo to find water. Appears on the back of Hydra, next to Crater (cup).


astronomy, constellations, and stars image Image by miu
Cygnus (The Swan) - Zeus disguised as a swan.


astronomy, pegasus, and constellations image Temporarily removed
Pegasus (The Winged Horse) - Son of Poseidon and Medusa and companion of Perseus.

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