Hey y'all!
This is my first ever article i've written so im sorry if it isn't good lmao, but recently everyone on youtube is getting pregnant and it has made me think of baby names that I can possibly use in the future! I'm also only 17 yr. old and am NOT thinking about a baby ANYTIME soon that's for sure lol. Just doing this for fun and to inspire other people who are looking for unique names! So continue reading if you'd like to see my UNIQUE baby names that I'll definitely look into in the future....

*I also wanted to say that these names are very different from what you'd usually here. I definitely wanted to name my future kids with very unique and different names! So if you don't like them, then go read another article to find some names, OKURRRR?! (gross I hate myself for doing that lol)

~ Prairie
I love this name so much! This would definitely be one of my top names to look into if i ever have a baby girl! It's so unique and outside of the box! Also I just finished the netflix original series called The OA (so good highkey recommend) and the main character is named Prairie!

~ Anthem
This is another top name for me! I'm low key hoping I have two daughters so I can name them Prairie and Anthem! Again, it's unique and different so that's why i like it so much!

~ Naturella or Naturelle
I LOVE this name! It's creative, but I don't think I would ever name my child this, but If someone could name their child this in my honor that would be fantastic lol. Def if you are a nature fan, I would name your kid this.

~Romee (Rome-EE)
This is a name of a Victoria's Secret model and I love her and her name! It's very different and I can def see this on a little girl somewhere!

~Khari (Car-EE)
I found this name from a show that I watch called love and hip hop, and someone named their baby girl Khari and I thought it was sooo cute! Love this!

~Celai (Cell- aye)
I follow this model name Celai West on instagram and I friggin fell in love with this name! It's something that would turn people's heads from where I'm from that's for sure haha

~ Symphani
Love this name! it's spelt different obviously from the regular symphony but I think that's why I love it so much. It's very cute


~ Kendry
omg... this name is definitely one that I'm considering to name my future son if i have one. omg i love it i love it i LOVE it

~ Cairo or Kairo
This is another name that's one my top boy names list. ugh so cute so unique i love

~ Grey or Grae
Another name that would be cute and different

I love this city Boston, Massachusetts! I always have so much fun traveling there and I think this would be a cute name for a boy

~Jru (alternative for drew; pronounced the same)
I love this alternative for Jru. really makes it unique and special!

I got this from one of my favorite youtubers (aspyn ovard who is having a baby very soon!) and when i heard it I fell in love with this name!

Other names that I was toolazy to write something about after it lol:
-Luca or Luka

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article! It means a lot to me! Also I have over 1K follower?! What!!! Thank you so much! Hopefully you enjoyed my first article! I promise I will write more soon and hopefully get better at writing them and add pictures and stuff lol bye bye!!!!!