Hello people!

So I am freaking out because tomorrow I have a French presentation, I have to hand in a homework and I also have an evaluated activity. That means that I want to kill myself and a subliminal message from our Professeur to go through with it.

Anyways, a good thing that happened today was that I played The Sims because I need to present my house tomorrow for the class so I used that game to design it (thug life). I also talked to my friend Paty who is IN SPAIN AND SHE LEFT ME BEHIND. I forgive her tho.

Also, shout out to my best friend and my partner in crime Gaby for reading my articles and commenting on EVERY SINGLE THING on them, to Ana cuz like I care about her opinion when I write and because I made her laugh. To Mema for reading my shit even though SHE feels like shit. And obviously to Dayler and Isa cuz they were my first readers soo they are THE FREAKING OG.

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Lets get on with the prompt...

Day 3: Something in your room that you want to get rid of

Okay so you need to know a very important fact about my room before starting this article...I haven't had a room makeover since I was 3 years old. Like, I want you to picture a mini-me entering a furniture store, grabbing onto my mom's hand and seeing this cool-ass beds and room sets. My mom lets me roam in the store, she following close behind me, so I can choose the room set I want. So, since I totally think I am a cool kid I demanded a bed high above my floor so I could have this cool-ass stairs that you could open and place you toys inside.

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Disclaimer: my bead doesn't look like this AT ALL, WHATSOEVER.

So yeah I gave myself a pat in the back for such a great choice. I planned the whole thing dude! Remember I am a weird kid so basically what I thought was: if this bed is high enough I could jump off it and land on the floor like a superstar, if the bed is high enough I would have the cool storage-stair thingy, PLUS there would be no monsters under my bed because it is a solid block of wood. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP

Now, I am 18 years old, still with an individual bed high enough to still jump from it. I want to get rid of this wooden monster not because it makes me look like an immature and childish member of society but because I want a bigger bed, okay? I am too tall and I sleep like a starfish so this bed is not helping me out.

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Also I would like to get rid of the fucking column that makes the furthest corner of my room like a whole...freaking weird. But for that I would have to tear down the whole building and now I am a legal adult so I could get shit for that. Awesome

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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