Love, is a magic thing...
It can open your heart, make your heart bump fast, even make you think you would give this heart to that person.
Thinking about it now, it's crazy~

Changing for someone, giving out or up everything. It all sounds so easy, but is it really...
Me in the past had been scared, worried a lot. This sounds like life.
A word he said could make me happy for days, but could also make me cry all night. No matter who is doing more, all I know was: I love him! Doesn't it sound so stupid? HAHA, I thought I was so smart, and thought love could not affect me at all, it could only improve me. In fact, love should not affect anyone in a bad way, but only if you love the wrong person...


他说的一个字可以让我开心好几天,也可以让我痛苦一整夜。不管是谁主动谁被动,我只知道:我爱上了他 ! 傻吧,哈哈哈,我曾经以为自己是多么的聪明,认为爱上一个人不会影响到我,只会让我变得更好。实际上,爱上一个人本不该毁掉一个人,但爱错人会。我就爱错了。。。