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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting any articles lately. I have no WiFi at my house currently because of a big storm that we had. Anyways, this article is all about acrylic nails and the ups and downs of having them. This might help you decide if you want to get them for fun and to just try them or you'll maybe decide that you can't have them for your own personal reasons. I've recently got acrylics for the first time this summer, as well as going to a nail salon for the first time in my life. I must say acrylics changed my life, good and bad.

Let's talk about the negatives first to get those out of the way:


Acrylics can be expensive depending where you go and what you get done to them, for example designs, jems, shape, length, etc.


Upkeep is another word for fills. You need to keep filling them, if you want your nails to look nice, which can also be a lot of money every few weeks.

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You have to get use to them

You can't walk into a nail salon, get your nails done, and then expect to do everyday things like usual with the new nails you got. The first few days to the first week of getting them can be tricky at first with doing all your daily tasks and responsibilities with them on. So, you'll have to get use to holding or opening things a different way. For example, putting on pants the first day you get them is very different and tricky.


Acrylics might be pretty on the outside, but the inside and underneath of them aren't so pretty... You can't expect to get acrylic nails and have your real nails to be as strong as they were before. You have to take a break from acrylics and let your natural nails heal and grow out again.

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They will eventually fall or break off

The nails don't stay perfect forever. They crack, chip, grow out, etc. You sometimes might even take them off yourself cause you don't like them or you just simply don't want them on anymore.

Now that we talked about all the negatives, lets talk about the positives about having acrylic nails!

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They're beautiful!

First off, acrylic nails look so pretty and can elongate your fingers and make your hands and fingers beautiful.

Never chips

The nail polish doesn't ever chip, even if you still bite your nails from time to time.


You get a lot more compliments on your nails from a lot of strangers and friends!

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Add your own style

The thing about nails, is you can customize them and style them how you like, just like your clothes and bedroom. You can have your nails different funky colors on each finger, short or long or have them decorated with little jems.

Tips + Advice

-Go with your friends to the salon to get your nails done, like I've said before, the more people, the more fun!

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-Biting/trying to take them off yourself, hurts like a bitch! So, either go to get them taken off from someone at the salon, or look up how to do it yourself, safely and cheaper.

-Take breaks!! Remember your real nails get damaged underneath, Your real nails need to "breathe" and heal again, before getting them again.

-Try new looks on your nails. Whether it's trying a new color, getting a design for the first time or a different nail shape. Nails are another piece of you that can express you and your style! So, step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try new things. You never know what you'll like and don't like for your nails, unless you try different things.

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Thanks again for reading my article. I apologize again for not posting something in a while, but I do have WiFi again.

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