.路. If I were a color... .路.
girl, grunge, and blue image blue, grunge, and dark image aesthetic and dark blue image beauty, bored, and girl image
I would be a kindda dark blue... Blue seeks peace and tranquility and promotes physical and mental relaxation meanwhile dark blue is associated with knowledge, power, integrity and professionalism.
.路. If I were an animal... .路.
dolphin, animal, and sea image aesthetic, eye, and makeup image jungkook, aesthetic, and kpop image dolphin, summer, and animal image
Dolphins form strong bonds with others of their king. If one dolphin becomes injured, the others help it to reach the surface. Playing is also a way for them to bond with one another.
.路. If I were an element
earth, girl, and green image nature image aesthetic, water, and nature image Temporarily removed
Earth people are grounded, practical, disciplined and focused. They are also super organized and clean. In short, earth people are such perfectionists. Even then, earth people don鈥檛 feel like 鈥攐r anything they do鈥攊s ever good enough. While they rather have few friends, they are unwaveringly loyal to those they do have.
.路.If I were a flower... .路.
chic, floral, and girl image key, orchid, and flowers image Temporarily removed flowers, aesthetic, and pink image
It would definitly be orchids
.路. If I were a plant... .路.
africa, forest, and landscape image Temporarily removed
A baobab, i don't even know why but they just fascinate me, maybe it's because they're imposing and rare but I like them. ((22 metres high and 47 metres in circumference)).
.路. If I were a season... .路.
book, rain, and autumn image Image by lkinner Temporarily removed autumn, sweater, and fall image
Fall, without a single doubt
.路. If I were a city
aesthetic, asia, and city image aesthetic image Temporarily removed girls, inspiration, and korea image
.路. If I were a facial feature... .路.
aesthetic, beautiful, and blue eyes image art, eye, and flowers image art, painting, and eye image Temporarily removed
The eyes, like it or not, they hold the keys to everyone's souls
.路. If I were a body part... .路.
beauty, girl, and neck image boy, fashion, and grunge image fit, skin, and soft image girl girly lady, eyes eyebrows brows, and beauty beautiful pretty image
The collar bone-neck area
.路. If I were a month... .路.
aesthetic, beach, and blue image Image removed model and sea image photography, travelling, and view image
August because is that bittersweet point where you're still on summer vacation and having so much fun but know that's going to end soon
.路. If I were a day... .路.
quotes, inspiration, and motivation image friends, boy, and drunk image light, window, and night image Temporarily removed
It would be friday, outgoing and ready to get rid of some stress from uni but at the same time staying in and chilling whatching a movie or reading a good book
.路. If I were a drink... .路.
background, bread, and cake image Temporarily removed bar, cappuccino, and tumblr image Image removed
A capuccino
.路. If I were a fruit... .路.
food, banana, and breakfast image bts, jin, and seokjin image Image by malitetto food, pancakes, and breakfast image
I would be a banana
.路. If I were a time of the day
girl, beach, and sky image aesthetic, pretty, and landscape image aesthetic, Island, and Oahu image aesthetic, purple, and sky image
A sunset
.路. If I were a wheather... .路.
Temporarily removed cloudy day, evening, and roof image fog, germany, and green image autumn, clouds, and cloudy image
A cloudy and misty day
.路. If I were a creature... .路.
pink, aesthetic, and water image pink, aesthetic, and blue image
A mermaid. These strong, magnificent women are different to the humans around them 鈥 you can tell by meeting them, talking with them, finding out who they are that they do not quite fit in with everyone else around them. There is something magical about them.
.路. If I were a superpower... .路.
Temporarily removed
Teleportation, so I could go where I want and most importantly, I wouldn't be late anywhere.
.路. If I were a feeling... .路.
dark hair, dress, and goddess image beautiful, beauty, and colors image art, orange, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
When you're feeling pleased like when you acomplish something and you are happy with it or it could also be sexually
.路. If I were a song... .路.
album, autumn, and bon iver image love, quotes, and safe image Temporarily removed bon iver, tree, and alternative image
Re:stacks - Bon Iver. ((I've been twisting to the sun , I needed to replace, And the fountain in the front yard is rusted out, All my love was down in a frozen ground)).
.路. If I were a Disney Character ... .路.
bubbles, cartoon, and powerpuff girls image Image by Alt er love bubbles, cartoon, and pretty image bubbles, cartoon, and powerpuff girls image
I don't know if it's a disney character but Bubbles is the one that came to my mind first. I just relate to her in all aspects <3
.路. If I were a greek goddes... .路.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It forest, nature, and tree image Temporarily removed brunettes, medieval, and OC image
Artemis; Goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, virginity, the moon, archery and protection.

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