Everyone knows about this cool girls in the high school or in your city, they are pretty, they dress cool, every guy wants to date them and probably they are the worst girls you can meet.
Everytime I talk about bullying there's a cool girl behind that, a person that it's not good to point with the finger as the reason of probably the worst time in your life. You don't want to be the one who doesn't do what they want because you just want to fit in, but maybe there's something in you that they don't like so they feel the right to let you alone. To put everyone you thought was your friend in the other side, they treat you like shit, they feel like they are better than you just for having more followers. The type of person that no one wants to messed up with, because being in her side means being cool and popular so you have to shut up and accept whatever they say and be who they want you to be in other to get the price. But you know what, being brave and stay true to who you are and you're values are the things that are going to make you grow and meet the amazing people out there who doesn't care if you are popular and, actually care about the real you.