ok here's the deal: i am constantly updating my spotify.
it gets frustrating because all i want to do is share the music i love with all of you lovely people; but there is just simply to much of it.

so i thought i'd make a playlist that consists of my 20 favorite indie/alt/viby songs that you probably haven't heard before & i update it every week to keep it fresh.

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Week 4

  • i looked outside, it was hailing cactus needles - bedbug
  • barks like a dog - porridge radio (solo)
  • what gives (...I cant live like this) - michael cera
  • angst - johnny utah
  • milk - samia
  • cynicism - nana grizol
  • ghost - jay som
  • sublunar swing - moon tide gallery
  • love in the time of socalism - yellow house
  • xanax blues - michael seyer
  • is there a place i can go - trudy and the romance
  • two extra pumps of bliss - enjoy
  • d'yer wanna be a spaceman? - oasis
  • oaxaca - froth
  • drowning in your velvet bed - walt disco
  • gypsy - tiger jaw
  • hazel - waveform*
  • the color blue - laundry
  • daddy dookie brown - mustard service
  • strawberry feilds - the beatles

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