3 months since u left and broke my heart... But I don’t feel so bad/unhappy anymore!

I’m not gonna lie! Sometimes I miss you and our moments! But I’m finally over u (well, at least I like to believe I am)

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A few days ago, I stopped what I was doing and started thinking about everything and realize that even if I miss you and our moments I wouldn’t come back to you (YES, during this time I had the hope that you would try/want to come back. Guess I was wrong!).

But why don’t I want to come back with you?
Well, because we have different goals in life - I want to travel the world and live in different places, you want to stay in Barcelona -, because I know you would broke my heart again - U haven’t changed in 3 months and u’re still the same boy who broke my heart and u would do that again -.
Also, because you don’t deserve me and everything I could have gave to you.
But most important because I don’t need you in my life to be happy! And I don’t deserve the pain that comes with you!

I guess I could wish you the best, but I won’t. Because you already had the best!

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And this is my last article about you! (LIES!!! I’ll write about you if I see you again! Something I hope doesn’t happen)

P.S.: It still feels strange riding a motorcycle with another guy that’s not you! that was our thing, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.